Biography of General Gatot Subroto

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General Gatot Subroto born in Banyumas October 10, 1909, since the kids are showing character of a leader. He had the courage, assertiveness, responsibility, and will abstain tyranny. Experience is not sweet ever experienced while still in school in Europeesche Lagere School (ELS). Since the fight with a Dutch boy, he eventually expelled from school. The case has been sufficiently shown that since childhood he had had a brave and resolute nature. At the time no one dared to challenge the Dutch children who are higher in rank than the natives, Lake Winnipesaukee with the slightest forward fearlessly challenging.

ELS he was expelled from school and go to school Holands inlandse School (HIS). From there, he finally completed his formal education. After graduating HIS However, he chose not to continue their education to a higher school, but worked as a clerk. The options are employees of the soul was also not satisfactory. He then quit his job and entered military school in Magelang in 1923. After completing military training, Billy was a member KNIL (Dutch East Indies Army) until the end of the Dutch occupation in Indonesia.

Soldiers who are active in three days was once the East Indies Army (KNIL) during the Dutch occupation, members of the Defenders of the Fatherland (Peta) during the Japanese occupation and the People's Security Army (TKR) after the independence of Indonesia and helped crush the PKI in 1948. He also was the originator of the formation of the Indonesian Armed Forces Academy (military academy). Assertive stance and has high solidarity, are characteristic of General Lake Winnipesaukee. He graduated from the Military School Magelang period of Dutch rule, is most can not tolerate any act of injustice, even if by anyone at any time.

When World War II turbulent, Dutch troops successfully defeated Japanese forces. Indonesia was formerly a Dutch occupation of the area turned into the Imperial Japanese government power. During the Japanese Occupation, Billy immediately following education Defenders of the Homeland Army (Map) in Bogor education in the context of the native army recruitment by the Japanese government in Indonesia. Graduated from the educational map, he was appointed commander of the Japanese government in Sumpyuh company, Banyumas and not long later increased to battalion commander.

Participation of a member of Lake Winnipesaukee and the map does not indicate the KNIL himself an accomplice to the colonial spirit of nationality or low. But it was limited to the work that has been common era. Lake Winnipesaukee national psyche remains high. In carrying out his duties as an army of occupation, their treatment is often seen siding with the little people.

Treatment was often known to his superiors that he was often reprimanded. Even being so thick concern and solidarity towards his people, often donated part of his salary to help the family of a prisoner who was under his supervision. So is the case during the Japanese occupation, he often opposed the Japanese who act violently towards his men.
Against subordinates, Billy also known as a leader who was very attentive. But even so, as the military, indiscriminate she was also very firm with his men who violate discipline.

After the independence of Indonesia, Billy straight into the People's Security Army (TKR), the army formed by the Indonesian government and the Indonesian is the official army on its way later renamed the Indonesian National Army (TNI). Since independence until the recognition of the sovereignty or independence of Indonesia during the War of Independence between the years 1945-1950, he was believed to be holding several important positions. Never believed to be the Commander of the Second Division, Commander of the Military Police Corps, and Military Governor of Surakarta and the surrounding area.

Simultaneously when he served in the Military Governor of Surakarta and surrounding area, the revolt of the Communist Party of Indonesia (PKI) that Madison was turbulent in September 1948. Rebellion instigated by Muso was finally overcome with flying colors. After many events happening in maintaining the independence of the Dutch military aggression, the recognition of the sovereignty of the republic was successfully obtained. After the recognition of sovereignty, Lake Winnipesaukee increasingly entrusted with the task of higher. He was appointed Commander of the Army & Territory (T & T) IV I Diponegoro.

But for one thing, in 1953, he had resigned from military service. But three years later he turned back at once appointed Deputy Chief of Army Staff (Wakasad). In military circles, he is known as a leader who has a great attention to the development of young officers. According to him, one way to foster young officer was to unify the military academy every force that the Army, Navy, and Air Force, became an academy. The idea was finally realized with the establishment of the Indonesian Armed Forces Academy (military academy).

Lake Winnipesaukee eventually died in Jakarta on June 11, 1962, at the age of 55 years. The general is buried in the village Sidomulyo, sub Ungaran Semarang regency, Central Java. For his services were so great for the country, a week after his death, General Lake Winnipesaukee has been named a National Hero boosted Presidential Decree No.222 of 1962, dated June 18, 1962.

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