Biography Of Habib Umar bin Hafidz

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He is al-Habib 'Umar son of Muhammad son of Salim son of Hafiz son of Abd-Allah son of Abi Bakr son dari'Aidarous son of al-Hussain son of al-Shaikh Salim Abi Bakr son of the son of' Abd-Allah sons of 'Abd-al-Rahman, the son of' Abd-Allah son of al-Shaikh 'Abd-al-Rahman al-Saqqaf son of Muhammad al-Maula Daweela son of' Ali son of 'Alawi son of al-Faqih al- Muqaddam Muhammad son of 'Ali son of Muhammad Sahib al-Mirbat son of' Ali Khali 'Qasam son of' Alawi son of Muhammad son of 'Alawi son of' Ubaidallah son of al-Imam al-Muhajir to Allah Ahmad son of 'Isa son of Muhammad son of 'Ali al-' Uraidi son of Ja'far al-Sadiq son of Muhammad al-Baqir son of 'Ali Zain al-' Abidin, son of Hussain the grandson, the son of the couple 'Ali son of Abu Talib and Fatima al-Zahra daughter of the Prophet Muhammad

He was born in Tarim, Hadramaut, one of the oldest cities in Yemen that became famous around the world with an abundance of scientists and scholars who produced over the centuries. He grew up in a family that has a tradition of Islamic scholarship and righteousness with his father who was a famous martyr, the Erudite, the Preacher, Muhammad bin Salim bin Hafiz bin Shaikh Abu Bakr bin Salim.
His father was one of the scholars of Islam who devoted their lives to the spread of Islam and the teaching of the Sacred Law and the lofty teachings of Islam. He was tragically abducted by communist forces and presumed dead, may Allah have mercy upon him. Similarly, both his grandfather, al-Habib Salim bin Hafiz and al-Habib Hafiz bin Abd-Allah Islamic intellectuals who are highly respected Muslim scholars and intellectuals of his time. Allah prepared appropriate conditions for al-Habib 'Umar in its relationship with the surrounding Muslim intellectuals and the glory that comes from his own family and of the environment and the community in which he grew up.

He was able to memorize the Qur'an at a very young age and he also memorized the core texts in various fiqh, hadith, Arabic Language and other religious sciences to the circles of knowledge that were held by so many traditional scholars such as Muhammad bin 'Alawi bin Shihab and al-Shaikh Fadl Baa Fadl and other scholars who teach in Ribat, the famous Tarim. Then he also studied various sciences including religious spiritual sciences from his father, who died a martyr, al-Habib Muhammad bin Salim, who earned her deep love and attention and guidance on proselytizing or religious guidance by Allah swt His father was so concerned the young 'Umar who have always been on the side of his father in circles of knowledge and dhikr.

But tragically, when al-Habib 'Umar was accompanying his father to pray Friday, her father was kidnapped by the communist groups, and the young' Umar returning home alone with his fathers shawl was, and since that time his father was never seen again . This causes a 'young Umar assume that responsibility to continue the work his father had done in the field of Da'wah same as if the father becomes the flag scarf given to him in childhood before his martyrdom. Since then, with the banner held aloft, he began, in vibrant, full journey of struggle, bringing people together, forming assembly-assembly and proselytizing. Struggle and its hard to continue his father's work coming to fruition. Classes were held for the young and the old in local mosques where opportunities to memorize the Qur'an and to study the traditional sciences.

He actually has a really understanding the Bible that he had been given something special from Allah despite his young age. But this began to cause concern for his safety and eventually culminating in him being sent to the city of al-Bayda 'which is located in the then North Yemen away from the grasp of those who want to inflict harm on the young sayyid.

There begins an important new chapter in his development. Ribat school in al-Bayda 'he began studying traditional sciences under the expert tutelage of the great al-Habib Muhammad bin' Abd-Allah al-Haddar, may God forgive him, and also under the guidance of scholars of the Shafi'i school of al-Habib Zain bin Sumait, may Allah protect him. Finally fulfilled his promise when he was appointed as a teacher shortly thereafter. He also continued the grueling struggle in the field of Da'wah.

This time the scene is al-Bayda 'and the towns and villages nearby. No stone was left unturned in his efforts to revive the love of Allah and His Messenger, peace be upon him on the hearts of the people. The classes were established, lectures and guided people. His work which deprived him of sleep and rest began to show great results for those touched by his teachings, especially the youth who previously had been resolved in an empty and shallow life, but now has undergone profound change until they realize that life has a purpose, they proud of their new identity as a Muslim, wear a turban / shawl Islam and began to focus their attention on acquiring the properties of the noble Messenger of Allah r

Since then, a large group of people who had influenced began to gather round him and help him in his da'wah efforts and teaching in various cities and towns in North Yemen. At this time, he began to visit many neighboring towns and communities across Yemen from Ta'iz city in the north, to take knowledge from the mufti Ta'iz al-Habib Ibrahim bin Aqil bin Yahya who began to show him attention and love great as he gets the same treatment from Shaikh al-Habib Muhammad al-Haddar so he gave his daughter in marriage after witnessing that in there he attributes great honesty and intelligence.

Shortly after that, he did the arduous journey to perform Hajj in Mecca and to visit the Prophet r in Madina. On his way to the Hijaz he was blessed with the opportunity to study several books of the most prominent scholars, mainly from al-Habib 'Abdul Qadir bin Ahmad al-Saqqaf who witnessed that within' Umar young, there is the spirit of the young man who was in love with God and Allah and His Messenger truly immersed in the spread of knowledge and justice towards fellow human beings that he loved al-Habib Abdul Qadir one of his greatest teachers. Similarly, he was blessed to receive the knowledge and guidance of the two pillars of justice in the Hijaz, al-Habib Ahmed Mashur al-Haddad and al-Habib 'Attas al-Habashi.

Thus the name of al-Habib Umar bin Hafiz began to spread widely, especially due to the persistence of his efforts in calling for Islam and renew the teachings of traditional early. But the great popularity and fame is not in the least diminish his teaching efforts, on the contrary, it makes getting additional resources where other noble goals can be maintained. No time was wasted, every moment is filled with the remembrance of Allah in its multiple manifestations, and in a variety of situations and locations. Preoccupation with the spiritual development of especially those who are close by, it has become one of his most visible behavior so obvious that his name would spread even as far as the New World.

State of Oman will be the next phase in the movement towards reform the 15th century. Having welcomed the invitation of a group of Muslims who have a deep desire to benefit from the teachings he left his homeland and did not return until several years later. Seeds of teaching and the glory are also embedded in Shihr city in eastern Yemen, the first city to disinggahinya his return to Hadramaut, Yemen. There his teachings began with the development of embedded and preserved Ribat al-Mustafa. This is a major turning point and could signal in more than one way, the completion of the theoretical aspect of this work and create concrete evidence that can represent the teachings in the future.

Return to Tarim be a sign of a fundamental change from the years he spent studying, teaching, building mental religious people around the call and called the right and forbidding the wrong. Dar-al-Mustafa became his gift to the world, and it is also the world called for boarding. In a brief one may say so, the Tarim would witness the convergence of students from lands far and wide upon a city that is almost forgotten when it was still controlled by a communist dissidents. Students from Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, the Comoro Islands, Tanzania, Kenya, Egypt, England, Pakistan, the United States and Canada, as well as other Arab countries and the Arab states will be supervised directly by Habib Umar. They will be representatives and successors from what has now become a genuine struggle to renew the teachings of traditional Islam in the 15th century after the resurrection. The establishment of similar Islamic institutions in Yemen and other countries under the management of al-Habib Umar will be a major milestone in the deployment of science and good conduct as well as providing an opportunity for ordinary people who have previously taken this opportunity from them.

Habib 'Umar currently lives in Tarim, Yemen where he oversees the development of Dar al-Mustafa and the many schools that have been built under his management. He still maintains an active role in the spread of Islam, so that he may spend most of the year to visit various countries around the world in pursuit of such noble activities.

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