Biography of Hassan al Banna

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Hasan Al-Banna was born in the village of Mahmudiyah Bahira region, Egypt in 1906 AD His father, Shaykh Ahmad al-Banna was a scholar of fiqh and hadith. Since his childhood, Hasan al Banna has been showing signs of the brilliance of his mind. At the age of 12 years, by the grace of God, little Hasan had memorized half the contents of the Qur'an. The father continued to be motivated Hasan complete memory. Since then Hasan little discipline into four activities. During the day employed the school.

Then learn how to make and repair time with his parents until the afternoon. The evening until bedtime used to repeat a school lesson. While reading and reciting the Quran recitation finished praying he did Shubuh. So it is not surprising that Hasan al Banna scored brilliant achievements in the future. At 14 years of Hasan al Banna had memorized the entire Quran. Hasan Al Banna graduated from school with honors in school and the fifth best in all of Egypt. At the age of 16, he has been a student at Darul Ulum college.

Thus a series of small accomplishments Hasan. In addition to his achievements in academics, he also has a brilliant leadership talent. Since his youth Hasan al-Banna was always chosen to be the student body president at her school. Even when still in education i'dadiyah (sort SMP), he has been able to solve the problem today, the story is this:

One afternoon, after school, a large number of students walking through the village mushalla. Hasan was among them. When they are next mushalla, the call to prayer was resounding. At that time, the students immediately swarmed the place ablution basin. But suddenly the priest came and drove madrasah students who were deemed to be a child's. Apparently, he was afraid that they spend a share of water for ablution. Most of the students ran screaming away as the priest, while a small holding his place. Experiencing the event, al Banna and took a piece of paper and write a description sentence closes with a verse of the Qur'an, "And do not expel people who call their Lord in the morning and in the evening, were they so wish His good pleasure." ( Surat al-An'am: 52).

Paper with respect he gave to Shaykh Muhammad Sa'id, who rebuked the priests mushalla his friends. Hasan al-Banna reading the priest touched his heart, until the next day changed his attitude towards the "group of small children" is. While the students also agreed to replenish the pool where they finished ablution every prayer in mushalla. Even the students took the initiative to raise funds to buy the mats mushalla!

At the age of 21, he finished his studies at Darul 'Ulum and was appointed as a teacher in Isma'iliyah. Hasan Al-Banna was very concerned with the behavior of the British enslave people. That period is a time where Muslims are experiencing severe shock. Ottoman (in Turkish), as protector of Muslims around the world collapsed. Muslims are confused. While the colonizers toying with the wishes of the Islamic world. Even in Turkey itself, Kemal Attaturk suppress Islam in the country. Dozens of Turkish scholars sent to prison. Thus the state of the Islamic world as al Banna young. One of the causes of the decline of Islam is that these people ignorant (stupid) against the teachings of Islam.

Thus began the preaching Hasan al Banna. Propagation invites people to God, invites people to eradicate ignorance (ignorance). Da'wah he begins to raise some of his disciples. Then he preached at the coffeehouse. This he did regularly every two weeks. Her association with the establishment of "Al-Moslem Brotherhood," work hard day and night to write speeches, conduct coaching, conducting meetings meetings, etc.. His bringing widespread acclaim among the Muslims of Egypt. Recorded Muslims from class workers / farmers, businessmen, scientists, scholars, physicians support his mission.

During the war between Arabs and Jews (circa 45's), he mobilized mujahideen proxies. Of all the Arab Joint Forces, there is only one group that is feared Jews, the army of voluntary Brotherhood. Voluntary Mujahideen kept surging forward, until finally there was a great shame that tarnished the Egyptian government. The United States, Jewish chum threatened to bomb Egypt if the Muslim Brotherhood does not attract mujahideen. Then there was a tragedy that proves how human cowardice. Thousands of Egyptian fighters pulled back, then stripped. By who? By Egyptian troops! Even that's not all, a sincere mujahideen were then thrown into military prisons. Even some time after it was Hasan al-Banna, as leader of the Muslim Brotherhood to meet martyrdom in an event designed by the enemies of Allah.

Da'wah he is international. Even soon after Indonesia proclaimed its independence, Hasan al Banna immediately expressed support. Contact with Indonesian cleric was braided. Noted M. Natsir never addressed the meeting in front of the Muslim Brotherhood. (Note: Natsir later became PM Indonesia as RIS turn back into a unitary state). Hasan al-Banna's martyrdom does not mean lessening his preaching. It is God's will, that whenever and wherever the message of Islam will never stop, even if the enemies of Islam desperately trying to extinguish it.

They want to extinguish the light (religion) of Allah with their mouths (sayings) them, and Allah will complete His Light even though the disbelievers hate it. (Q. S. Ash-Shaff: 8) The days after the death of Hasan al-Banna, was a time of trial for Muslims in Egypt. Many of his disciples were tortured, imprisoned, and even put to death, especially when the Egyptians in order to Jamal Abdul Nasser, a Soviet-leaning dictator. Many others were forced to flee his disciples abroad, even to Europe. Not a refuge for those who regretted. For them wherever God is the earth, wherever the land is propaganda. Analysts point out, the message of Islam in the West is not in spite of their efforts. Thus, torture, pressure, murder would not extinguish the light of Allah. In fact everything seemed to be preaching fertilizer itself, so that the message of Islam continued to spread widely.

Among the works of his successor was the famous battle Fi Dzilaalil Qur'an (under the auspices of Al-Qur'an) by Sayyid Qutb. A book of Qur'anic exegesis highly weighted in this contemporary era. Scholars we are making it as a reference translation of the Qur'an in Indonesian. Among them are al-Qu'an and Religious Affairs of Indonesia translation output, then Tafsir Al-Azhar cleric Indonesia works Buya Hamka. Knowing him shall the figure was complete when we know his principles and beliefs.

The following are the principles that he always held steadfast in his message:

I believe: "Verily, all matters to Allah. Lord our Prophet Muhammad, the Seal of the Messengers were sent to all mankind. Behold the day of vengeance is haq (coming soon). Quran is Allah's Book. Islamic legislation equipped to manage the life of the next world. "

I promise: "I'll direct myself in accordance with the Qur'an and the Sunnah cling to the sacred. Sirah I will study the Prophet and his noble companions."

I believe: "Verily istiqomah, glory and science sections of the joints of Islam."

I promised: "It will be a focused process that praying and stay away from all misguidance. Adorn yourself with good moral values ​​and morals-morals-leave bad character. Choose and familiarize themselves with Islamic customs as I could. Putting kinship and affection in arbitrate and the court. would not go to court unless forced, will always proclaimed greatness-Islamic symbols and language. Trying to disseminate useful knowledge to all segments of the people. "

I believe: "A Muslim is required to work and earn a living, in the wealth that exists haq sought and shall be issued to people in need and people who do not have. I promise: "I will try to livelihoods and save for my future.'ll Give charity assets and a portion of the business to the activities of virtue. Would support all Islamic economic projects, and useful and prioritize the results of domestic production and other Muslim countries. usury will not conduct transactions in all matters and do not involve yourself in luxury above my ability. "
I believe: "A Muslim is responsible for his family, among health care obligations, aqeedah and their morals."

I promise: "Will work for it with all the effort. Would broadcast the teachings of Islam on the entire family, with the Islamic lessons. Would not put my kids to a school that can not keep their aqidah and morals. Would reject the entire mass media, bulletins and books, and not connected with associations that are not oriented to the teachings of Islam. "

I believe: "Among the obligations a Moslem revive the glory of Islam by raising the nation and restore the Sharia, the Islamic banner should be a role model of humanity. Task of educating the Muslim world according to Islamic principles."

I promise: "I'll be serious in this treatise run my life and I have to sacrifice everything for the sake of the implementation of the mission (the minutes) is."

I believe: "That the Muslims are one people, tied in a single aqidah of Islam, that Islam ordered pemelukya for good (deeds) to all mankind."

I promise: "I'll put all efforts to strengthen the bond of brotherhood between Muslims and eroding divisions and disputes among their factions."

I believe: "Behold the secret of the decline of Islam, because they are away from the 'deen' (religion) they are, and the basics of repairing it was back to the teachings of Islam and its laws, it's all possible if any of the Muslims to work for it. '

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