Biography of Ibrahim Lubis | Inventors My Article

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Biography of Ibrahim Lubis | Inventors My Article
Ibrahim Lubis is the founder of a blog called My Article. Ibrahim  Lubis began to wrestle the blogging world since 2009. the emergence of the idea to collect the various articles at the start when ibrahim Lubis difficult to find a specific blog contains useful articles. This is where the spark of an idea Ibrahim Lubis with a blog called My Article.

Finally in 2012 so My Blog Article published through a free blog from the blogspot domain from Google's search engine. active in filling these articles began in July 2012 until now, why? this happens because of busy that makes IB (ibrahim Lubis) is not so active. simply provide information about the IB, then this will be presented under his bio.

You can find my article or my profile on Twitter, Facebook and Google profile and you can also reach him at


1. Name: Ibrahim Lubis
2. TTL: June 8, 1986
3. Address: Sorry, my Address is secret
4. Status: Not Married
5. Occupation: Teacher

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