Biography of Olga Syahputra

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Yoga Syahputra or better known as Olga Syahputra was born in Jakarta, February 8, 1983 is an actor, comedian, and host Indonesia. Olga often act transvestites. But Olga dismissed if he has deviate sexual orientation.

Eldest of seven children and Nurhida pair Nur Rachman was originally just a fan who often ask for an autograph and photo with her idol. Luck came when he was offered to play in the movie Lenong boy. Unfortunately the guy bloody Minang-Java is required to participate in the first practice Ananda Studio.

Since no money, Olga was forced to sell a fridge to pay for the course in Ananda Studio. Friends of Olga, Bertrand Antolin, who then lend a hand with Olga buy a new refrigerator. During active in Ananda Studio, Olga also often involved shooting despite only minor roles. She also had been an assistant singer Rita Sugiarto.
Biography Olga Syahputra
Perseverance Olga sweet fruit. After a role in the soap opera The Marriage Hanging and Yoyo, a presenter Olga Cravings on SCTV paired with Jeremy Thomas. She also played in the comedy show Do not Kiss Gue and followed Extravanganza ABG. Join the Extravanganza ABG in 2005, the name Olga began to be known. His name is really soar after joining in early 2007 and Indy Barends Ipank on show on Trans TV nosy.
Starting in 2008, Olga became a music TV presenter Strikes RCTI station along with two multi-talented artist Luna Maya and Raffi Ahmad. Besides being a presenter, she also starred in the big screen beberaya, among Scandal Love Pigs Ngepet and Want More. Want Film Again previously blocked and can not be circulated. However, after changing its name to Forever, the film was given permission to release.

Not satisfied merely widened presenter and film star, Olga began to explore the world of singing. Currently, Olga has released two singles of her, that destroyed my heart and I Else Do Not Disturb are both song creation Charly ST 12 with label Nagaswara. She also won the award for Presenter Event Variety Show and Favorite Music Favorite Comedian in Panasonic and Panasonic Gobel Awards 2009 Awards 2010 which aired on RCTI, TPI and Global TV. Today, Olga is no longer a presenter nosy, but show on Trans TV Online with Jeng Kellin (Nycta Gina).

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