Biography of Onno W Purbo

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Onno W Purbo. Born August 17, 1962. Onno's father, Hasan Poerbo, ITB is a professor in the environmental field that much in favor of the little people. Onno entered ITB majoring in Electrical Engineering class 1981.

After graduating from ITB, to Canada to continue his studies. Have this M.Eng degree from McMaster University in the field of semiconductor lasers and fiber optics. And PhD from Waterloo University, Canada, in the field of Silicon Devices and Integrated Circuit. Former civil servant and lecturer in electrical engineering majors ITB.

Currently, as the author freely where hundreds of his writings have graced various media, magazines, seminars, workshops and conferences nationally and internationally. Also active in giving tutorials to various universities and higher education in the theme of Linux, Wireless LAN and VOIP.

Six years later graduated with honors Onno best graduates. After that Onno continue their studies with a scholarship from the Canadian PAU-ME. RT / RW-Net is one of the many ideas that were carved Onno catapult Indonesia Internet History.
Biography Onno W Purbo
He also actively writes in the field of information technology in a variety of media, seminars, national and international conferences primarily to empower the people of Indonesia towards a knowledge-based society. More than 161 major cities in 33 countries visited in the course of his life. Onno believe the philosophy of copyleft, a lot of his writings published for free on the internet.

Education Onno W Purbo
  • 1987 S1 Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) Department of Electrical Engineering. The title of the final "Design and implementation of a series of 8-channel RS232C and programs for lab" under the guidance of Prof. DR. Samaun Samadikun and DR. Adang Suwandi
  • 1989 S2 (M.Eng) McMaster University, Canada - Semiconductor Laser. The title of the thesis "Numerical models for degenerate and heterostructure semiconductor diodes" under the guidance of Prof. DR. D.T.Cassidy and Prof. DR. SH Chisholm.
  • 1993 S3 (Ph.D) University of Waterloo, Canada - Integrated circuit technology for satellites. The title of the thesis "Studies on Polysilicon Emitter Transistors made on Zone-Melting-recrystallized Silicon-on-Insulator" under the guidance of Prof. DR. C.R. Selvakumar

Awards Onno W Purbo
Received several awards / recognition both nationally and internationally, such as
  • 1987, Best Graduate, Department of Electrical Engineering, Institute of Technology Bandung.
  • 1992, Included in the book "American Men and Women of Science", RRBowker, New York (United States).
  • 1994, Researcher Profiles, COMPASS December 26, 1994.
  • 1996, accepted "Adhicipta Engineering", from the Indonesian Engineers Association.
  • 1997, accepted "ASEAN Outstanding Engineering Achievement Award" from the ASEAN Federation of Engineering Organization (AFEO)
  • 2000, Sign the book "XXI Century Indonesia: In the Middle siege of Global Change", Editor Ninok Leksono, COMPASS.
  • 2000, Award for Indonesian Internet Figure, Telematics Award Chamber of Commerce.
  • 2002, Eisenhower Fellow, of the Eisenhower Fellowship (USA).
  • 2003, Sabbatical Award, from the International Development Research Center (IDRC) (Canada).
  • 2005, Senior Ashoka Fellow, Ashoka (United States).
  • 2008, accepted "Gadget Exclusive Appreciation Award" from Gadget Magazine.
  • 2008, accepted "IGOS Summit 2 Award", from MENKOMINFO "In the spirit and the struggle to disseminate the use of Open Source in Indonesia".
  • 2008, Sign the book "Indonesia 100 Innovators", Business Innovation Center.
  • 2008, accepted title "Hero of the Present Generation" of Modernisator.
  • 2009, Indigo Fellow: Digital Community Fellow, from PT. Telecommunications Indonesia.
  • 2009, Grace "Tirto ADHI Soerjo" Pioneers category / Starter, from [I: BOEKOE]
  • 2009, Grace "Competency Award 2009" from the National Board for Professional Certification (BNSP).
  • 2010, Grace "Tasrif Award" from the Alliance of Independent Journalists (AJI)

Book Onno W Purbo
Authored more than 40 book titles with topics about Internet technology, Open Source, Linux, Network Security, Wireless Internet, Internet phone (VoIP). Some are in English and can be downloaded on the Internet. Some of the book is,
  • 1998, Onno W. Purbo, Gadang Ramantoko, Personal Khrisnahadi, Bobby Nazief, "Conceptual Framework Nusantara 21", Informatics Telecommunication Research and Development Foundation.
  • 1998, Onno W. Purbo, Ismail Fahmi, Akhmad Husni Thamrin, Adnan Basalamah, "TCP / IP: Design Concept and Implementation", Elexmedia Komputindo.
  • 2000, Onno W. Purbo, "Technology Internet Cafes", Elexmedia Komputindo.
  • 2000, Onno W. Purbo and Akhmad Daniel Sembiring, "RedHat Linux", Elexmedia Komputindo.
  • 2001, Thabratas Tharom and Onno W. Purbo, "VOIP: Voice over Internet Protocol", Elexmedia Komputindo.
  • 2001, Onno W. Purbo and Akhmad Daniel Sembiring, "Apache Web Server", Elexmedia Komputindo.
  • 2002, Onno W. Purbo, "Conference Video Over the Internet", Publisher Andi.
  • 2003, Onno W. Purbo, "Philosophy of the World Cyber ​​Naif Life", Publisher Republika.
  • 2003, Onno W. Purbo, "Wireless Infrastructure 11-Speed ​​Internet 22Mbps", Publisher Andi.
  • 2004, Samuel Prakoso, Tomy and Onno W. Purbo, "A Practical Guide Using E-mail Server Qmail", Elexmedia Komputindo.
  • 2004, Onno W. Purbo, "Practical Guide to Internet Telephony", International Development Research Center
  • 2004, Onno W. Purbo, "Practical Guide To Build A WiFi Infrastructure", International Development Research Center
  • 2005, Onno W. Purbo, "Handbook of Wireless Internet and Hotspot", Elexmedia Komputindo.
  • 2006, Onno W. Purbo, "Cloning Windows PCs use Linux LTSP", Publisher Andi.
  • 2006, Onno W. Purbo, "User Handbook and Speedy ADSL", Elexmedia Komputindo.
  • 2007, Onno W. Purbo, "Handbook of VoIP Ancestor Telkom People", InfoKomputer.
  • 2007, Onno W. Purbo, "Practical Guide RT / RW-net", InfoKomputer.
  • 2007, Onno W. Purbo, "Access Internet Using 3G", CHIP.
  • 2007, "ICT Infrastructure in Emerging Asia: Policy and Regulatory roadblocks", (co-author) LIRNEAsia
  • 2008, Onno W. Purbo, "Intel Platform Administration Technology", Publisher Andi.
  • 2008, Onno W. Purbo, "Free + Easy to assemble install linux server", Publisher Andi.
  • 2008, Onno W. Purbo, "Building a community FM broadcast", Publisher Andi.
  • 2009, Onno W. Purbo, "Let's block the negative sites", Publisher Andi.
  • 2009, Onno W. Purbo, Protus Tanuhandaru, M. Reza Djajadikara, Nurlina Noertam, "Wireless Networking for the Developing World" version 2, translation.

International Publication Onno W Purbo
Some footage international publication has ever done is
  • Onno W. Purbo, D.T. Cassidy and SH Chisholm, "Numerical models for degenerate and heterostructure semiconductor devices," J. Appl. Phys., Vol. 66, no. 10, pp. 5078-5082, 15 November 1989.
  • Onno W. Purbo and C.R. Selvakumar, "Simultaneous extraction of hole barrier height and interfacial oxide thickness in polysilicon emitter bipolar transistors," Solid State Electronics, Vol. 34, no. 8, pp. 821-826, 1991.
  • Onno W. Purbo and C.R. Selvakumar, "High gain SOI polysilicon emitter transistors," IEEE Electron Device Letters, Vol. 12, no. 11, pp. 635 to 637.1991.
  • Onno W. Purbo and Adang Suwandi, "Automation of Bipolar Transistor Characterization," IEEE conference, Kuala Lumpur, 1992.
  • Onno W. Purbo, "Development of Low Cost Wide Area Network in Indonesia," Journal of Scientific Indonesia, Vol. 1, No. 1, October 1991.
  • Onno W. Purbo, "SOI transistors for high speed devices and satellite applications," Journal of Scientific Indonesia, Vol. 1, No. 1, October 1991.
  • CRSelvakumar and OWPurbo, "Polysilicon emitter bipolar transistors Realized on Zone-Melting-recrystallized Silicon-on-Insulator materials," SPIE conference on "Emerging Optoelectronic Technologies" Bangalore, India, 16-21 December 1991.
  • Onno W. Purbo, C.R. Selvakumar and D. Misra (NJIT, USA), "Reactive Ion Etching of SOI (ZMR and SIMOX) Silicon in CF4 + O2 and SF6 + O2 Plasmas," the Fifth International Symposium on Silicon-on-Insulator Technology and Devices of the Electrochemical Society, St. Louis, Missoury, 17-22 May 1992.
  • Onno W. Purbo, C.R. Selvakumar and D. Misra (NJIT, USA), "Reactive Ion Etching of SOI (SIMOX and ZMR) Silicon in Nitrogen Containing CF4 + O2 and SF6 + O2 Plasmas," Journal of the Electrochemical Society, vol. 140, no. 9, pp. 2659-2668, 1993.
  • Onno W. Purbo, "An alternative approach to built low-cost TCP / IP-based Wide Area Network in Indonesia," the South East Asia Regional Computer Confederation (SEARCC) '92 regional conference, Kuala Lumpur, 14 August 1992.
  • Onno W. Purbo, "The building of information infra-structure to sustain the current growth in Indonesia," The Canadian Association for Studies on International Development (CASID) conference, Carleton University, Ottawa, 7-9 June 1993.
  • OWPurbo and CRSelvakumar, "Gamma radiation effects on ZMR-SOI Polysilicon Emitter Transistors," 1993 International Conference on Microelectronics, Dhahran, 14-16 December 1993.
  • Onno W. Purbo, "Low cost strategies for a sustainable microelectronics information system," MICRO'93, Surfers Paradise, Queensland, Australia 5-8 October 1993.
  • Onno W. Purbo, "A Unified Model of Early Voltage for Bipolar Transistors at Low Temperatures," the 3rd ASEAN regional seminar (TARSMIT 94) on Microelectronics and Information Technology, 9-11 August 1994, Bangkok, Thailand.
  • Onno W. Purbo, "Early voltage of ZMR-SOI polysilicon emitter transistors at low Temperatures," the 3rd ASEAN regional seminar (TARSMIT 94) on Microelectronics and Information Technology, 9-11 August 1994, Bangkok, Thailand.
  • Onno W. Purbo, F. Ihsan Hariadi & Mervin Hutabarat, "The microelectronics infrastructure in Indonesia," International Conference on Microelectronics, 1994, Istanbul, Turkey.
  • Onno W. Purbo, "The Indonesian Computer Network Infrastructure A Status Report," Expert Group Meeting in the Development of RIHED Information Network on Higher Education, Bangkok, Thailand, March 14-16, 1995.
  • Budi Jatmiko, Abdulbasir, Eddy Yahya, Onno W. Purbo, and Ihsan Hariadi, "Optimizing the temperature and time of phosphorous diffusion in p / B type polycrystalline silicon substrate," International Conference on Microelectronics ICM'95, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  • Onno W. Purbo, Ichwan F. Agus, Arman Hazairin, A. Daniel Sembiring, Rudi Nursasono, Aulia K. Arief, Basuki Suhardiman, Zilmy Zamfarra, M. Halomoan Rambe, Februaris Purnomo, Bondan, Unedo Matondang, Denisz, Ismail Fahmi, Adnan, "Development of Computer Communication Network and its present status in Indonesia," The 4th ASEAN Science and Technology Week, 21 August - 1 September, Bangkok, Thailand.
  • Soegiardjo Soegijoko, Onno W. Purbo, Widiadnyana Merati, Priyono Sutikno, Intan Ahmad, "Indonesia Computer Network Status", Asia Pacific Networking Group (APNG) Meeting, 22-24 January 1996, Singapore.
  • D.Misra, OWPurbo, CRSelvakumar, "Reduction of damage in Reactive Ion Etched Surfaces through Modification Process," SPIE: Microelectronics Processing '93, Monterey, California, 27-29 September 1993.
  • Onno W. Purbo, "Indonesian Information Infrastructure & The Strategy to Implement Electronics Data Interchange (EDI)," International Seminar on Electronic Data Interchange: Implementation in the Transport Sector, Yogyakarta 11-12 June 1997.

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