Boy Three Years Have an IQ of 140

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A three-year-old girls in the UK are known to have IQ score of 140. In comparison score genius scientist and inventor of the theory of relativity, Albert Einstein was 160. The average IQ in the UK is 100. Thanks to his intelligence, Saffron Pledger likely to be one of the youngest member of Mensa. Saffron has done IQ tests and are in the process of accreditation by the end of Mensa. If his IQ score received, Safron would be one of the youngest members.

In October 2009, Elise Tan Roberts from London joined Mensa at the age of two years and four months. Mensa is an organization for people with high IQs. Founded in 1946 in the UK, have a member of Mensa now more than 100 thousand people in the world. According to his father, Danny Pledger, her daughter learn the alphabet while watching programs on TV quiz, Countdown. 23-year-old man who works as a web designer is Countdown champion eight times.

At an early age Saffron was able to write, read stories, counting up to number 50, and do simple math (all regular students obtained at the beginning of the school).

"I'm just a kid, but I was very happy to pass the test (Mensa) even if they are pretty loud. When growing up, I wanted to play with toys all day. I like the school, painting, drawing and walking around, "said the blond boy was quoted as saying by the Telegraph, Friday (06/03/2011).

The father said he did not know where her daughter inherited intelligence. "I do not know where Saffron got the intelligence. We just pushed it, that everything he does is good. He loved watching Countdown with me, it helped him to learn letters. He's very competitive. Hopefully one day he was better than me, "please his father. Saffron's mother, Kirstie Pledger (23 years old) suggest that uttered her first word was "beer". Saffron first speech before he could sit down. At age 18 months, Saffron can say full sentences.

"He is a slow motor, but his speaking ability is very good. He can add, subtract, read, and write. If we take a book from the library, I would read to him once and he'll read it back to me, "he explained.

The mother added that she and her husband did not do anything special to Saffron. "And if it is outside the house, we saw the signs and read to him," he concluded.

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