Cats are forgotten

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In a residential, live black cat. Molly the cat's name. He lived in the family home Jones. Molly always hunted and ate rats stealing food in the kitchen like the Joneses.

Molly is a cute and adorable cat. Green eyes and long white whiskers. He was snoring and was delighted when her body stroked.

However, no one in the family likes stroking Molly Jones. The two children in the Jones family does not like animals, being mistress Molly Jones often yell when he meowed time mistress Jones was cooking fish.

In addition to Jones' house, there lived a boy named Billy. Billy was a good boy and is very fond of animals. Because of that he is also very fond of Molly. Every afternoon Molly jumped from fence to look for Billy Jones family and ask stroked. "How happy I am when this cat Molly," Billy said to his mother. "I like cats too, ma'am!" But Billy's mother did not want to keep animals in her home, even though he also likes to Molly.

One day kuarga Jones went out of town. When about to depart, the children said goodbye to Billy Jones family. Apparently they were going on vacation for a month.

After putting all the stuff into the taxi, the Joneses left. "Molly certainly invited too," thought Billy. But he was mistaken. He was very surprised to see that Molly is still there on the home page Joneses. Billy, and told it to his mother. "There must be a person who is assigned to care for and feed Molly every day," said Billy's mother.

Molly wondered where his master away. After a long wait he scratched his kitchen door with its paw forward opened the door. But apparently no one in the house. Molly then check if there's an open window so he could get in, but it turns out all the windows were locked.

Molly felt lonely. But he hoped his master would return later in the afternoon.

But after a long wait for his master was not returned. Molly began to feel hungry. He also cold because they have to sleep outside. While hiding in the bushes, he was still wet from the rain. Molly began to hurt.

Two days have passed. Molly starvation eating shin finds and the dead leaves that exist around the house. The disease is also more severe. He was sneezing and limp.

On the fourth day Molly had become very thin. He could barely walk because of very weak. He then reminded of Billy, the boy who lived in the house next door. Who knew Billy could give him food.

He then walked slowly toward the house Billy. While viewing Molly, Billy almost did not recognize him anymore. "My goodness, is that Molly?" Exclaimed Billy surprised. He knelt down and stroked Molly. "Oh sorry, you're so skinny, you must be hungry. Are not there people who were given the task to feed you? "

Billy immediately get fish and milk for Molly. "Oh sorry," said Billy's mother. For a while let him sleep in our kitchen. "

Molly was very happy. After eating with gusto, he then slept soundly in the kitchen, Billy's mother. Billy even gave him a bed of wooden boxes. Billy also cleaned his dirty for a few days sleeping in the bushes.

That night, Molly was really surprised. Billy's mother's kitchen turns out a lot of mice. So he caught the rats, because he wanted to return the favor Billy and his mother.

The next day, Billy's mother was surprised to see a lot of mice that had been captured by Molly. Billy's mother is very happy. Molly became more loved in the family.

A month later, Jones returned from a family vacation. With a heavy day Billy drove Molly Jones family home. But, each taken home, Molly always escape and return home Billy. Molly knew that Billy and his mother loved him dearly, not like the Joneses who have the heart to abandon him.

Because the Joneses are not too concerned with Molly finally they gave the cat to Billy.

Eventually Molly was staying with Billy and his mother. He was very happy because it is always loved and caressed. Billy's mother was happy because her kitchen to be free from interference rats.

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