Characteristics Raflesia Special Interest

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Ciri Khusus Bunga RaflesiaCharacteristics Raflesia Special Interest - This plant is mostly found in the southern part of the Sumatran jungle, especially Bengkulu, Special Interest Raflesia feature that differentiates it from a layman's corpse flower is its wide (not high) and red. When in bloom, the flowers can reach a diameter of about 1 meter high and 50 cm.

Special Feature Flower Raflesia

Rafflesia flower has no roots, stems, and leaves

Flowers have 5 crowns Raflesia
At the base of the barrel-shaped flowers are pollen flowers or buds, depending on the sex of flowers.
The existence of the pistil and stamens are not in the house to make the percentage of assisted fertilization by insects fly is very small, because it is not necessarily two different flowers grow in the same sex in a place nearby.
This flower growth period takes up to 9 months, but the time of flowering of only 5-7 days. After that rafflesia will wither and die.
Rafflesia is a parasitic plant obligate the vines (lianas) tetrasigma and stay inside the rope-like roots.
Until now Rafflesia never managed to breed outside their natural habitat and if the roots of its host tree or dead, Raflesia will also die. Therefore Raflesia require primary forest habitat to survive.

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