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Every parent would always hope that if his son would later become a good person. For that when their newborn baby also gave the name to the title that is also in accordance with their expectations of the next generation in the lineage. Since the name also contains the meaning of prayer and hope.

So naturally when every parent always give the baby's name as the good and the beautiful. Because in addition to hope it is also a symbol of pride of parents of these children. In addition it has a good name with a child will also be more confident to perform in social interaction. They will not feel awkward to introduce yourself by name the original on others who just met.

Here are some references that can be used to select or give the baby a name for parents who will have children.

Major joint

The name is usually used to capture the relationship of love between a husband and wife who are united in the bonds of family. For example, the name of the mother is a goddess and his father's name was Hastomo. So baby girl name is Hastiwi, while the men Wistomo.

Islamic Name

Currently too many parents who named their babies with names that are Islamic. Since they are also hoping that if their children will also have an Islamic nature and in accordance with the given name. For example, Al Amien means someone who can be trusted. Parents who gave the name certainly hope that if her son would be the one who is always honest so easy to gain the trust of others.

Famous people

There are also parents who give their babies the exact same name with a famous person. The meaning here is of course famous for having the proud achievement. So the child who gave the name also has the ingenuity and achievements like these famous people.

Puppet characters

The name is widely used, especially by parents who came from Java. They named the baby by taking the name of the puppet characters are also in the hope that their children will also have a trait or character is taken in accordance with the name. Of course, given the name of puppet characters is also a man who had a good nature and positive.


In addition, many parents also give their babies names in line with expectations on his son. For example, they gave the name of degree. Of course, this old man hoped that his children would be educated at a high level and could become an accomplished scholar.

Time of birth

Time of birth is also often used by parents to name their baby. For example, Aprilia, which means born in April. Then there is the name Dawn Utomo. This means that children born in the morning. Because words have meaning mornings dawn or sunrise. While Utomo is primary.

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