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In a house, there lived a boy who is very pretty and good-natured. He was named second Cinderela by his stepbrother. Souvenir stepbrother was very unhappy with Cinderela. Every day Cinderela always get the rough treatment of both mother and daughter's sister. He always told to do all the homework and always shouted.

Until one day, royal officials came to their house. Employee was carrying a worn royal party invitation from the king. Both sister and stepmother Cinderala cheering with delight. "Horeeee ..... tomorrow we will go to the Palace. I'm going to dress up as beautiful as possible, so that the prince likes me ", cried the two sisters Cinderela. Hearing the cries of his brothers, and Cinderela stepmother ask permission to join the party. Cinderela very sad, because my stepmother and half brothers did not allow him to participate in the event. "You want to wear what Cinderela? Do you want to party with that kumalmu clothes? ", Cried her brother.

Finally the time of the party had arrived, it was all dressed up with beautiful and ready to go. Cinderela only be watched sister and stepmother. He was very sad, because it can not participate in the feast. She could only cry in the room and imagine the excitement of the party. "I wish I could join the party, I definitely would love to," muttered Souvenir. Not long after Cinderela said, suddenly a voice from behind him. "Do not cry Cinderela". Hearing the voice, then turned Cinderela. Apparently he saw a fairy who was smiling at him. "You can come to the party Cinderela," said the elf. "How? I do not have a dress and my brothers had also departed. "Cinderela asked the elf.

"Calm Cinderela, take four rats and two male lizards to me," said the elf. Cinderela After everything is collected, rats and lizards fairies bring them to the pumpkin patch in the back yard. "Sim presto!" While casting magic, a miracle happened. The mice turned into four horses, as well as lizards turn into two sais. Cinderela was transformed into a very beautiful princess, wearing a beautiful dress and glass shoes.

"Cinderela, magic effects will go away after the bell at twelve o'clock, so lamu should go home before twelve o'clock," said the elf. "My fairy godmother. Thank you, "replied Cinderela. Once everything is ready, the golden chariot carrying Cinderela immediately go to the palace. Upon arriving at the palace, she went into the hall of the palace. Once inside, the views of all who attended were on Cinderela. They were amazed by the beauty Cinderela . "It's beautiful princess! Daughter of the state where ya? "Ask them.

At last the prince came over Cinderela. "Women are beautiful, will you dance with me?" he said. "Yes ...," said Cinderela holding out his hand, smiling. They danced together in a slow rhythm. Cinderela mother and two sisters who were there did not think that it is a beautiful princess Cinderela. Prince danced with Cinderela. "People like you are my desire for this," said the Prince.

Because too senag and enjoy the party, oblivious to the time Cinderela. Clock began to toll 12 times. "I'm sorry I have to go home Lord ..,". Cinderela prince pulled his hand out of his grasp and ran out of the palace. In the middle of the road, and the shoes fell apart Cinderela door, but Cinderela ignore it, he kept running. Prince chasing Cinderela, but he lost track Cinderela. In the middle of the stairs, there is a glass slipper belongs Cinderela. Prince took the shoe. "I'll find you," he was determined in the liver. Although Cinderela back into full-dressed girl is not good, he is very happy because they can go party.

The next day, the guards sent the Prince comes to existing homes daughters across the country to match the glass slipper with their feet, but nothing matched. Until finally the guards arrived home Cinderela. "We are looking for the girl whose foot fits the glass slipper," said the guard. Both sisters Cinderela try these shoes, but their feet are too big. They're forcing her feet into the glass slipper put up blisters. At the time, bodyguards saw Cinderela. "Hey you, try these shoes," she said. Cinderela stepmother was angry, "would not fit with this child". Then Cinderela stretched his legs. Apparently these shoes are very suitable. "Ah, you're the princess," cried the excited bodyguards. "Yeah I'm the woman who sought the prince," said Cinderela. "Congratulations Cinderela!" Hearing the word, Cinderela then turned back, and saw a fairy godmother already behind. "From now live happily with the prince in the palace. Voila!., "Said the fairy.

So read fairy spell, Cinderela transformed into a princess wearing a very nice dress. "The effect of this magic will not go away until whenever Cinderela," said the elf. Cinderela then taken by guards to meet the prince. Arriving at the palace, the Prince very happy, and welcoming the arrival Cinderela. Finally Cinderela married Prince and live happily in the Castle.

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