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The Median in math is the middle term of the sequence of a numbers. The term median is mostly used in statistics. The concept behind median is not very complicated, median refers to middle point of any data set of given numbers. Finding the median is same as finding the average but it mainly focuses on where is the middle number in the series. Now let's see step by step how to find middle number that means median of any data set.

First determine the series of number from you need to calculate the median value. To find the median of the series first rearrange the numbers as least to greatest. For example take a series 18,8,42,5,10, now rearrange this series as 5,8,10,18,42. Now count how many numbers in the series, because the process is different for odd and even number. In our example there is 5 numbers in the series which is odd, so in our series 10 is middle number as left hand side of 10 have 2 numbers and also right hand side of 10 have 2 numbers, so 10 is middle number of the series that means 10 is median value. So it is very easy to calculate median of any given series contains odd number you can calculate exact middle number.

Lets see how to calculate median of any given series that contains even numbers. If series contain even number of numbers, you need to find middle two numbers, once you have middle two numbers you can average them together that means add them and then divide by 2, the result will be median value. Let's take one example to understand the concept clearly suppose we have series 4, 5, 10, 11, 18, 42. In this serious we have six numbers, we can see clearly there is no exact middle number however we can see 10 and 11 are in the middle, so calculate average of 10 and 11, for that add 10 and 11, so it will be 10+11= 21, now divide this value by 2, so 21/2 = 10.5, so 10.5 is median value.

Always remember that it doesn't matter if data set contains repeated numbers, it number should be count separately, it is not a matter how many times it is repeated. To know about median math is very important because it is now clear that the median gives accurate value of any data set than the simply finding the average.

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