Controlling Anger In Life

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First, I'm the one who is angry. I can not drown my anger every day. My father realized this. To relieve my anger, my father gave me a bag of nails and told me to tack nails into the fence at the back of the house every time I get mad.

The first day I could have nailed 48 nails into the fence behind the house. But the number was gradually reduced. I realize that it's easier to control his anger rather than nailing nails into the fence. Akihrnya I can hold and control my anger that had been after me. I memberitakukan this to my father.

My father told me to pull out one nail in the fence every day when I'm not mad. The days passed and does not feel the nails had dug into had me unplug and disconnect all. I told this to my father that all the nails had me unplug.

He smiled at me, and he led me into the fence. And said "Well, you've succeeded very well, my son, but, look at the holes in the fence. The fence will never be the same as before. "When you say things in anger. Your words leave a mark. "

I realized this that I get angry every time I think of the person I grudge the. Father's said "As this hole ... in the hearts of others. You can stick a knife in someone, then pull out the knife ... but no matter a few times you're sorry, the wound will still be there ... and injuries because the words are just as bad as physical injuries ... "

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