Countdown for the British Grand Prix

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Sebastian Vettel will go after his seventh victory of the season in a circuit that he ranks as one of his favorites.

Before Red Bull Racing German driver Sebastian Vettel had won six out of eight Formula 1 races this season there was one championship in game. Now with 11 more circuits to dispute it seems that the only thing in game is to put a stop to the defending champion’s winning streak.

A good scenario to do so will be the Silverstone Circuit this upcoming Sunday July 10th, when the British Grand Prix will be disputed. Considered by experts as one of the best racetracks of the season thanks to its versatility, it has the perfect conditions for drivers like Spaniard Fernando Alonso from Ferrari or English Lewis Hamilton from McLaren to defy Vettel for the No. 1 on the podium.

Speaking about Hamilton, who will be racing in front of his countrymen, this will be an emotive race for him as he describes his victory in 2008 as one of the sweetest moments in his career. The modifications that the rules suffered this season with the introduction of the Drag Reduction System (DRS) and the Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems (KERS) lead him to think that the 66th edition of the British GP will be one of the most exiting ever.

Added to these changes that Hamilton highlights, Alonso feels that the change of tire manufacturer this season from Bridgestone to Pirelli has also contributed to a more interesting race, like the one lived at the Canadian Grand Prix on June 15th, when Jenson Button from McLaren upset Vettel in the final lap, or Red Bull’s tire gamble at Monaco that led to Vettel’s victory.

A good tire strategy will determine the success of the drivers at Silvestone, for its weather conditions are unpredictable, meaning that it can change from a sunny day to a cloudy day in minutes, and vice versa.

Finding himself 99 points away from Vettel, Alonso faces this race as the parameter to determine his faith for the second half of the season. High expectations were set on him for a season that so far has been disappointing, as he still hasn’t won one race. Vettel’s teammate, Australian Mark Webber, has sent a reminder about how favorable the Silverstone Circuit has been for them in the past two years, with one win each respectively.

Meanwhile English driver from McLaren team Jenson Button hasn’t hidden his dream of winning his first British GP, which would be a dream come true to him. His best result so far has been the fourth place he clinched twice: first in 2004 and later in 2010. The 2009 F1 champion knows that this circuit’s conditions are not the most suitable for him, but this isn’t an obstacle for him to stop dreaming with a victory in front of his people.

Vettel has already established a record with his six victories and two second places this season, numbers that translate into the best season start ever in F1 history. Now the question is how far he will take that record to.

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