Doors 7 Biggest entered Satan

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The first door

It is the biggest door that will be entered devil is malicious (malice) and greedy. If someone is so greedy for something, greed will be blinding, deafening and darken the light of truth, so that people like these are no longer familiar with the influx of demons. Similarly, if a person has a malicious nature, the devil will decorate-decorate something seems to be good so favored by lust but it is something that is unjust.

The second door

It also is the biggest door is angry. Know that anger can damage the mind. If the mind is weak, the current demon army will attack humans and they will laugh. If we condition like this, ask perlindunganlah to God.

Third Door

That is very fond of decorating adorned with shelter, clothing, and all the furniture. People like this really will be lost because he only spent for this purpose.

The fourth door

That is full because it has been eating a lot of food. Things like this will strengthen and weaken lust to make obedience to God. Another disadvantage would he get in the afterlife.

The fifth door

That is greed in others. If someone has properties like this, then he will be exaggerated praise that person when the person does not have such properties that existed at the compliment. Finally, he will look for faces in front of him, not rule over people who had extolled the virtues and do not want to forbid from munkar.

The sixth door

That nature always in a hurry and do not want to wait for it slowly. Though there is a hadith of Anas, in which the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said,

"Nature is slowly (patiently) comes from God. While properties like haste is from the devil. "(This is narrated by Abu Ya'la in musnadnya and Baihaqi in Sunanul Qubro. Shaikh Al Albaani in al-Jami 'Ash Shoghir said that this hadith hasan)

Doors seventh

The love of wealth. The nature of this kind would make trying to find treasure at all costs. These traits will make someone a curmudgeonly (miser), fear of poverty and do not want to perform duties associated with the property.

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