Early Winterization Saves Time and Money Advises Heat-Line

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Heat-Line - a division of Christopher MacLean Ltd. (, a Canadian company that develops and manufactures innovative, self-regulating, energy efficient, water pipe freeze protection systems, are the experts when it comes to winterizing your home or business to prevent water systems, outdoor equipment and pipes from freezing. With dozens of years in the freeze protection business, they know a thing or two about keeping the water running, no matter how low the temperature drops. Heat-Line advises taking early preventative measures to make life easier for homeowners and offers some valuable tips that will save them both time and money. 

"Now is the time to start thinking about saving your pipes from freezing," says Lorne Heise, CEO of Heat-Line. "Some jobs are just easier to do during the warmer months, before the snow falls and the temperature drops; this includes inspecting exposed pipes for problems and doing any type of excavation work that may be necessary. Winterizing pipes and water systems before freeze up just makes sense. Preventative maintenance can pay dividends. A leaking or ruptured pipe can cause considerable damage to your home or business, creating serious inconvenience and costing thousands of dollars in repairs. Whether your pipes are plastic, copper or steel, when a pipe freezes, pressure builds causing cracks to form. Even a small crack can release thousands of litres of water a day, destroying drywall, floors, furniture, and even foundations."

Here are a few tips to prevent frozen pipes and save money:

- Insulate any pipes in unheated or inadequately insulated spaces, like crawl spaces, attics and within outside walls.
- In Canada, all exposed pipes should be considered for freeze protection. Home owners need to choose the type of system best suited for each particular application, measure lengths and install before fall arrives. Whether heat trace cables, internal or external water line heaters, talk to an expert to find the product that is right for the job.
- All existing freeze protection systems should be inspected to make sure that the ground fault circuit interrupter or circuit breaker is functioning properly.
- Don't set your home's thermostat lower than 13c. Lower temperatures may cause pipes along outside walls or in cabinets to freeze.
- Look for air leaks in walls around pipes and seal to prevent cold air from seeping in and freezing pipes.
- To save energy and money, install a thermostat to your freeze protected system that will control and regulate the energy the system uses. Self-regulating freeze protection systems are the most energy efficient. They deliver just the amount of heat required to prevent freezing.

Subzero temperatures not only damage unprotected water pipes, there are other vulnerable areas in the home and business that you should also consider protecting from freezing. Every year snow-packed and frozen gutters create damaging roof ice dams that can cause roof leaks and destroy eavestroughs. This can be prevented with the installation of heat cables to maintain ice-free eavestroughs and downpipes. Water damage, including burst pipes, sewer backups, leaky foundations and roofs is the leading cause of damage to homes in Canada and now accounts for approximately 40% of all homeowner insurance claims, according to Aviva Insurance. "Protecting your home and business from winter damage is a sound investment and now is the time to start winter-proofing. Spending a little time and money now on prevention and it will save you so much more in the long run," adds Heise. 

Contact Information:
Lorne Heise, CEO
Heat-Line Freeze Protect Systems
a division of Christopher MacLean Ltd.
1095 Green Lake Road
Carnarvon ON K0M 1J0
Local: 705-754-4545
Toll Free: 800-584-4944

About Heat-Line: Offering an extensive line of innovative and energy efficient freeze protection products for home, cottage, commercial and industrial applications, Heat-Line, a Canadian company, develops and manufactures advanced water pipe freeze protection systems using state-of-the-art self-regulating technology. Prevent water lines and pipes from freezing safely, effectively and economically with Heat-Line cable heat trace systems. Visit or call 1-800-584-4944 to learn more about Heat-Line water pipe freeze protection and the many other quality Heat-Line products, including Kompensator, Paladin, Retro-Line, CARAPACE, Edge-Cutter, Retro-Line and ArcticVent.

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