Easy And Quick Steps To Do Proper Wire Splice

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Wire splice is assumed to be a very difficult job. But in reality, it is quite easy to do if you know the basic correctly and use the perfect tools. It is very much necessary in most of the electrical jobs. Before you start arrange these tools for you such as- wire strippers, wires, some connectors, tapes and Splicing Wire. The first and the most important thing you need to do in a. 

safety is to switch off the main power to the wiring. Then of all the holes present in your stripper, choose the one suitable for your wire. The last part of the wire, around ½ inch, must be placed inside the stripper and press both the handles at one go. Strongly pressurizing the handles, pull out the wires or otherwise the wires will be exposed of the insulators. Then you need to twist the wires with a pair of electrical pliers to form something like a rope. This is done to prevent the wires to break up like string, mainly at the ends. This provides rigidity to the wires and also makes it easier for you to insert them into any connector.

Then inserting the wire into the connector, you need to press the colored portion strongly with the perfectly stained mark on the strippers. Remember this color coding format i.e. choose yellow for big, blue for medium and red for small. If your connector is bigger than the wire, make a fold in it to make it as broad as the connector.  For your own safety, you can cover the ends of your wires with a tape. This will prevent the entry of dust of water. It also helps in binding the wires together in case any problem occurs. In this way, you can easily perform wire splice.

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