Elves and the Misty Forest

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In a village there lived a girl who was innocent. Sheila name. He was happy to play on the edge of the forest. His mother always reminded him that not too far into the woods. Villagers believed, people who are too far into the forest, never to return. The interior of the forest was shrouded in thick fog. Nobody can find their way home if it has been lost.

Sheila always remember her message. But he was also curious to know the foggy area. Every time I went to play, the mother Sheila has always provided him with a bag of cookies, candies, chocolates, and a bottle of fruit juice. Sheila used to come to the border of fog in the forest. He sat under a tree and enjoy his lunch there. Sheila eager stepped into that foggy area. But he was afraid.

One time, as always Sheila came to the frontier fog. As usual he sat enjoying his lunch. Sheila suddenly felt a few pairs of eyes watching her. He directs looked around to find out. But Sheila did not find anyone. "Hey! Whoever it is, get out! If you want, you can eat cake with me, "cried Sheila curious.

Hearing Sheila bid, some creatures ventured appeared before Sheila. Three fairies appear before Sheila. Their bodies were only half the height Sheila. No wings on his back. Their ears are pointy toes. With their timid toward Sheila. The little boy was brave without hesitation handed his lunch to eat together. Fairies named Pio, Plea, and Plop. The three fairy sisters.

Since that time his new friend Sheila and third often eat lunch together. Sometimes they exchange provisions. One day Sheila asked his friends, "Pio, Plea, Plop. Why is there a cloudy area in the forest? What does it say? And why no one has ever come back? You live in the woods next to where? "She asked curiously. Hear three Sheila question fairies exchanged glances. They know the answer, but feel free to tell Sheila. After thinking for a moment, finally they tell secrets known only to the misty forest of the fairies.

"The elves lived in the forest behind the mist. Including us. It is a protective fog so that no one can enter into our territory without permission. We are three brothers keeper fairy foggy area. If the fog thinned, we'll blow it again a lot. If there is an uninvited guest into our territory, we were soon led him astray, "said Pio, Plea, Plop.

Sheila was amazed to hear it. "Can I come to your country sometime?" Said Sheila hopes. Third elf counsel moment. "All right. We will be working on it, "they said. Soon Sheila invited Pio, and Plop Plea to their country. Sheila took that day cakes, chocolate, and lots of candy. Previously, Sheila dressed as fairies by his three friends. It was so they could trick the other fairies. Actually, are prohibited entry into the fairy. The three friends Sheila also gives special glasses to Sheila. With glasses that Sheila could see clearly.

Foggy area full of various herbs heretic. Various different paths look the same. If you're not careful it will get lost and circling in the same place. With the guidance of Pio, Plea, and Plop the end they all get to the fairy land. There house was tiny. The form was weird. There is a mushroom-shaped houses, the shape of shoes, even in the form of a pot. Their clothes like costumes for the carnival. Activity elves also vary. There are gathering honey, singing, making clothes out of flower petals ... All looks good cheer.

Sheila was very pleased. He was introduced to other fairy child. They were very surprised to know Sheila is human. But they are happy to meet and promised not to tell the fairy queen. Apparently they want to know about the man. They played happily. Sheila and the kids romp fairies, singing, telling stories and laughing out loud. They also exchange food. Anyway today was fun.

Suddenly the fairy queen came. "Who's that?" He asked inquisitive. "The Queen, she is a friend of the servant of the northern forest," said Plop fear. He was forced to lie to Sheila unnoticed. Sheila noticed the fairy queen from head to toe. After that he went. Sheila played again with the mercurial. But unfortunately he slipped. Sheila dropped off. When it dislodged fake ear lobe. Fairy queen saw it. He was very angry.

"Man! How did he get here? Who is it? "Cried mengelegar. Pio, Plea, and Plop forward with trembling. "We, the Queen," they replied nervously. "It's a violation. If there are people who know this place, then this place is not safe anymore. You must be severely punished, "cried the fairy queen angry. Sheila, who was too frightened to give yourself forward. "They're not guilty, the Queen. I am forcing them to me here. "" Then you have to replace them punished! "Boomed fairy queen.

Sheila put in a closed water bath. He will be boiled half an hour. But when the fire is lit it does not feel hot at all. "Get out! You've passed the exam, "said the fairy queen. Apparently Sheila kindness made her escape punishment. He was allowed to go home and friends perinya impunity. Fairy queen makes Sheila drowsy and fell asleep. He erase the memory of Sheila about fairy land. But he was still a little menyisakannya that Sheila can remember in the dream. When I woke up, Sheila was in her favorite bed.

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