First Mosquitoes

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In ancient times there lived a simple farmer with his beautiful wife. The farmer always works hard, but she just does not care about preening and household. They lived in a very modest home and live off agriculture as farmers like family.

The beautiful wife was not happy with their situation. He felt, rightly earning more if her husband so she could take care of her beauty. To meet the demands of his wife, the farmer works harder. However, no matter how hard the farmers work, he was unable to meet the demands of his wife. Besides ask buy drugs that can keep kecantikanya, she also likes to ask buy clothes that good - which is very expensive.

"How can it be that the clothes look pretty bad," said his wife.

Because only busy with performances, beautiful wife was not paying attention to his health. She fell ill. The pain is getting worse and eventually died. Her husband is so sad. All day he lay weeping for his wife who is now without power. Not wanting to lose, the farmer did not want to bury the body of his wife, who is very loved. He wants to revive his wife.

The next day the poor man to sell all his possessions and bought a boat. With the boat he took his wife's body down the river to a place believed to be the abode of the gods. God would want to relive my wife, so she thought.

Although do not know exactly where abode of the gods, the farmer kept paddling canoe. He was pedaling and pedaling tirelessly. One day, thick fog blocking the view so sampan stuck. When the mist evaporates, standing in front of a very high mountain, whose peak through the clouds. This is where the abode of the gods, thought Farmer. He then climbed the mountain, carrying the body of his wife.

On the way he met an old man.

"You must be the god of heaven's inhabitants," the farmer exclaimed happily.
He said the purpose of his coming to that place.
The old man smiled.
"What are you a good husband. But what good revive your wife? "
"He means so much to me. It was he who made me excited. Quicken then he came back, "said the farmer.
The old man nodded his head.

"All right then. Will kuturuti request. In return for the kindness and hard work during this time, I'll give you the secret how to turn her back. Plugs tip of your finger, and sprinkle three drops of blood in his mouth. Undoubtedly he will live again. If after that your wife anything, remembering that he lived three drops of blood. "

The farmer immediately implement the god message.

Miraculously, she was really alive again.

Without thinking, it was a happy husband brought home a wife. But his wife knew, besides their canoe ride, now her husband did not have anything else. Then, with what he's treating her beauty?

One day, the couple arrived at a very busy port. Farmers got off the boat and went to the market to buy the journey and left her alone in the boat. Incidentally, next to their boat rests a very beautiful boat belonged to a wealthy merchant who was stopped at that place. Seeing kecantkan the farmer's wife, fell in love pemiliik boat and persuade beautiful women to join him.

"If you want to come with me, I'll buy you anything you ask for," said the merchant.
The farmer's wife tempted. He then went to the merchant.

Home from the Farmers Market was surprised because she was no longer in the sampan. He was looking back and forth, but to no avail. A year later, he Meet with his wife, but his wife refused to return to him. Farmers then remembered the god who gave secret revive his wife.

"What you ungrateful. Just so you know, you come back to life since taking three drops of blood. "

His wife laughed.

"So, I had to return three drops of blood? Well ... "

The wife was also stabbed one of his fingers with the intention of giving the three drops of blood to her husband. However, once the three drops of blood dripping from his fingers, his face pale, his body limp, the limp, and eventually fell helpless. Dead.

After death, he was transformed into a mosquito. Since then, every night the mosquitoes incarnation beautiful woman trying to suck the blood of humans in order to return to the original ujudnya.

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