Folder options are disabled by virus

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Enable regedit, command prompt, task manager, msconfig, explorer, folder options are disabled by virus

Sometimes due to virus infected computer, after the scan using the antivirus has successfully cleared the virus but can cause new problems like features regedit, command prompt, task manager, explorer, msconfig, run, and various other windows features that disable (off) the virus-induced . Because usually only clean the virus without antivirus can completely restore windows feature that is turned off or disabled by the virus.

One application is free (freeware software) that can be used to repair windows feature that is disabled by the virus, such as:

1. Enable regedit (registry editor / Windows Registry)
2. Enables explorer (enable windows explorer)
3. Enabling the command prompt (Command Line Tool)
4. Enable Task Manager (Task Manager EnableWindows)
5. Enable System Restore Config
6. Enable Folder Options (Folder Option Raising)
7. Mengatifkan Run command
8. Turn on My Computer
9. Enable Task Scheduler
10. Enable Right Click Context menu
11. Enable Ms-Config (for windows xp)
12. Activate the Control Panel
13. Enabling the Search

By using software Re-Enable Portable Edition (free), then the above problems can be solved without the need for manually setting the windows registry. Simply run the application then automatically RE-Enable application will fix all the above features automatically. (Version information from the official website) Re-Enable Portable applications can be run on windows xp, windows vista and windows 7 without the need to install because application reenable a file in the form of executable files.

To download this application can use the following link Enable regedit, command prompt, task manager, msconfig, explorer, folder options here

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