General Biography Soedirman

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General Biography Soedirman
General Soedirman (Spelling Soewandi: Sudirman) (born in Bodas Karangjati, Apex, Purbalingga, January 24, 1916. Enderal Sudirman is one of the great figures of the few other people who were born by a revolution. When he was 31 years old he was already a a general. Though suffering from severe lung, it remains guerrilla against the Dutch. background He was a teacher in Cilacap HIS Muhammadiyah and active in scouting Hizbul Wathan

When the Japanese occupation, he entered the army Defenders of the Fatherland (Peta) in Bogor so graduate education, instantly became Battalion Commander in Kroja. Division Commander V / Banyumas after TKR formed, and eventually was elected Commander of the Indonesian Armed Forces (TNI Commander). He is a hero regardless of Independence defender on the state of his own to defend the Republic of Indonesia which she loved. He noted as well as first General and Commander of the youngest republic.

Sudirman is one of the fighters and exemplary leaders of this nation. Private firm on principle and conviction, always put the interests of the community at large and the nation above personal interests. He is always consistent and consistent in defending the interests of the homeland, the nation and the state. This may be seen when the Dutch Military Aggression II. He who is in a weakened state due to illness remains determined despite having to go jump guerrilla stretcher. In sickness, he led and encouraged the soldiers to fight against the Dutch. That is why he mentioned is one of the great leaders of this country by the revolution.

Sudirman was born in Bodas Karangjati, Purbalingga, January 24, 1916, has received formal education from the State School students, a school famous high national spirit. Then he went on to HIK (school teacher), Muhammadiyah Solo but not until the end. Sudirman famous young and vigorous discipline in Scouting organization Hizbul Wathan then became a teacher at his school in Cilacap Muhammadiyah. Discipline, educators and scouting spirit that then supplies could be personal to the supreme leader of the Armed Forces.

While military education with the education begin a Homeland Defense Army (Map) in Bogor. After finishing school, he was appointed Commander of the Battalion in Kroja. At that time, a man who has a firm stance is often protested against Japanese soldiers who commit acts of arbitrary and abusive towards his men. Because it's an attitude he said, once he was nearly killed by Japanese soldiers.

After Indonesia's independence, in a battle with Japanese troops, he managed to seize weapons of Japanese troops in Banyumas. That is the first service in the army post-independence Indonesia. After the People's Security Army (TKR) was formed, he was subsequently appointed as Commander of Division V / Banyumas with the rank of Colonel. And through TKR Conference November 2, 1945, he was elected TKR Commander / Chief of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Indonesia. Furthermore, on December 18, 1945, awarded him the rank of General by the President's inauguration. So he obtained the rank of General is not through military academy or other higher education as usual, but because of his achievements.

When the Allies came to Indonesia with a reason to disarm the Japanese, the Dutch army join apparently dibonceng. Therefore, TKR eventually clashed with allied forces. So in December 1945, forces led by Sudirman TKR fought against the British army in Ambarawa. And on 12 December the same year, dilancarkanlah simultaneous attacks against all top notch UK. The battle that raged for five days was eventually forced the British troops withdrew to Semarang.

At the time of the Dutch troops returned to aggression or better known as the Dutch Military Aggression II, the State Capital of Indonesia in Yogyakarta because Jakarta had already mastered. General Sudirman was then in Yogyakarta are sick. The situation is very weak due to lung tingggal only one that works.

In the Dutch Military Aggression II, Yogyakarta was then successfully controlled the Netherlands. Bung Karno and Bung Hatta and several cabinet members have also taken prisoner. Seeing the situation, even though the President had earlier advised him to remain in the city for treatment. However, these recommendations can not be fulfilled because the impulse to take the fight to the Netherlands as well as remembering the responsibilities as a leader of soldiers.

So with crutches, he set out to lead an army to fight a guerrilla war. Approximately seven months he moved from one forest to another forest, from mountain to mountain sick and weak while the drug is also almost non-existent. But to his troops he was always encouraging and instructions as if he himself did not feel the disease. But eventually he had to go home from the field guerrilla, he could no longer lead the Armed Forces directly, but his thoughts are always needed.

Sudirman during the Japanese occupation a member of the Governing Body and the People's Food legislator residency of Banyumas, it had set up a cooperative to help the people from starvation. General who have high social life, it eventually had died at a relatively young age, 34 years. At the date January 29, 1950, Grand Commander is dead and buried in Magelang Heroes Cemetery semaki, Yogyakarta. He was named the Defender of Independence hero.

Here is Complete Data General Tengtang Soedirman

General Sudirman

Bodas Karangjati, Purbalingga, January 24, 1916

Magelang, January 29, 1950


Education fomal:

- Schools State Students
- HIK Muhammadiyah Solo (did not graduate)

Army Education:
Defenders of the Fatherland (Peta) in Bogor

Work Experience:
Teachers in HIS Muhammadiyah in Cilacap
Experience Organization:
Hizbul scouting Wathan

Positions in the military:
- Commander TKR / Army, with the rank of General
- Commander of Division V / Banyumas, with the rank of Colonel
- Battalion Commander in Kroya

Respect signs:
Defenders of Freedom Hero

Die from:
Magelang, January 29, 1950

Heroes Cemetery semaki, Yogyakarta

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