Ghost Island

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 two heroes who always wants to show himself better at it than others. One day, they met in the waters south of Singapore.

Without ba or ma'am, they immediately attack each other. They fought for a long time until their bodies covered in blood. Because both strong, no sign of who will lose.

Sea Jin does not like to fight because their blood littering the ocean. Sea Jin and overturns their boat. That is for them to stop fighting. Apparently, they are still fighting. With his power each, they fight in the water.

"Hey, I'm ordering you to stop beratarung! This is my territory. If not ... "

Instead of stopping, the two hero's even more exciting fight. With hand signals, even as they taunted Jin Sea.

Sea Jin angry. He spouted water into the faces of the two hero's that obstructed their view. Because they can not see clearly, both hero fought blindly. They swung the sword back and forth until finally sekehendajk heart lodged in the body of each opponent. Both hero that was doomed.

The gods in heaven mura because Jin Sea interfering human affairs. They warned Jin Sea intervene to stop human affairs. Sea Jin was wrong and tried to atone by making a special place so that the two hero's spirit can dwell in peace. Jin Sea canoe juggling both hero carrying it to the island where their spirits dwell. The people then called the island as Pulau Hantu.

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