Gold and Stone

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Thanks to the hard work and always save them, the farmer finally rich. I did not want the neighbors to know about his wealth, all his savings bought gold and gold buried in a hole in the back of his house. Once a week dug the hole, removed the gold, and He kissed with pride. Once satisfied, he again buried his gold.

One day, a criminal the actions of the farmer. At night, thieves stole all the gold farmers.

The next day the farmer bawl so the whole neighborhood knows what happened. No one knows who the neighbors who stole his gold. Forget about theft, about the hole contains gold they learned that day. If there was no theft, no one knew that it had a gold farmer buried behind his house. Some people come grieving for the theft, others scoff and think farmers are stupid.

"One alone keep gold at home. Why not sell it and the money used to build houses. Let her be great, not flimsy like now. That reward curmudgeon. When asked for a donation, the answer is always no. Now, feel yourself! "

But no one dared frankly mocking or cursing that unfortunate farmers. All the ridicule and calumny spoken only among themselves, not in front of the farmer. Only a poor old man who dared to be honest with the farmer. The old man lived not far from the home of the farmer.

"Come on, put it this way. In the gold pits bury a rock or whatever and shall apply as before you were robbed. "

Hearing that, the angry farmers.

"What do you mean? You make fun of me, huh? The lost gold, not a stone. You're a nasty neighbor. You're a poor man who could only bury rocks. I could bury gold or anything at will. Now I lost the gold and you just told me to bury bad rock. Do you think the same stone with gold? "

The atmosphere was rowdy. People intervene.

The old man quietly replied:

"What is the difference between gold and stones? If you can bury the gold, you should also be able to bury rocks. Do you know, by burying gold means you have to make the precious metal as a worthless item. So, what's wrong with you bury a rock and you fantasize tomb is gold. "

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