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Among the Sunnah of the Prophet is a congregational prayer in a mosque. How the husband on this day want to practice the sunnah as if her husband praying in the mosque / surau the wife praying alone at home. So, sure the wife will not reward if the husband congregational prayers in the mosque or prayer?


Islam has never prevented the husband pray at home or prayers at home with his wife. In fact, in my opinion accordingly husband isolate certain days of praying with a family member. This is not because of complaints of the wives conscience but the role of being a leader in the home is to lead the family in performing acts of worship. So prayer is the lifeline of mankind with God and praying is penyinambungannya.

That is, the effect of prayers performed by family members definitely bring the blessings of worship and life. Legal position praying for the men has been discussed by scholars, especially jurists.

Return here range specified by their stance, which I mentioned here briefly. Basically the law of praying for the men divided into four view that his opinion of the obligatory prayers Kifaya, a second opinion; condition for prayer. Prayer alone is not valid unless there is illness.

While the third, fourth and opinions muakkad circumcision is individual duty and not a requirement. Each point is there any evidence to form the basis of scholars argue with him.

This disparity is not a conflict of disagreement but various disputes. Here we also get to see how Islam provides a variety of state and law of Religious Obligation congregational prayers fulfilled.

In this case we can find some will tend to one of the following opinion. This does not mean there is anything wrong and right there, for me everything is correct.

If some consider circumcision Kifaya prayers, it is correct based on the evidences presented, if there is a condition for prayer might think this opinion is also correct on the basis of the evidence means praying understood.

Muakkad circumcision, this is also correct. The main question and not disputed by scholars who are Religious Obligation prayers. Most must pray. When are diligent and keep praying, he must strive prayers.

For those who have found favor prayer would not leave prayers and for those who have found grace and sweetness of prayers will certainly do our best prayers.

Two scholarly opinions on the law of praying

I will present two views of four scholarly opinions on the law of praying for the men, because space is very limited.

* First Opinion: The view that his obligatory prayers Kifaya is as follows;

This is the opinion of Imam Shafi'i, Abu Hanifah, majority of scholars, and many scholars Syafiiyah earlier Hanafi and Maliki.

Al-Haafiz Ibn Hajar said, "Zahir word Shafi'i, Kifaya obligatory prayers ruling. This is the opinion of most of the earlier scholars among scholars Syafiiyah, Hanafiyah and Malikiyah." (Fathu al-Bari, vol: 2, p: 26) Their argument was based on the following evidences;

Hadith of the Prophet who says: "It is not three people in a village or rural areas, and they do not even offer prayers but the devil will conquer it. Berjemaahlah you.'s Because wolves only eat lamb alone." (Sunan Abu Dawud: 460, Sunan an-Nasaie: 738 and Musnad Ahmad: 26242).

In another hadith he said, which means: Go back to your family you, pray with them, teach and instruct them (to pray). Solatlah you as you see me praying. If you have time for prayer, one of you should announce Adhan and the oldest to be priests. (Sahih al-Bukhari and Muslim 595: 1080).

His words have in the hadith narrated from Ibn 'Umar, that the Prophet said: Prayer in congregation is praying alone praying in one interval of 27 degrees. (Sahih al-Bukhari: 60).

In this hadith, he clearly suggested that the friend back and pray with family members. Meaning there are times when it is permissible for a Muslim prayer with members of his family. More so when the kids and wife need the guidance of the husband or father in guiding them in prayer.

Allah says in Surah al-Tahrim which means: O you who believe, save yourselves and your family members from the torment of the fire nereka ... (al-Tahrim: 6)

In interpreting this verse the mufassirin (exegesis) argue the meaning of "save family from fire torture" is to teach them the prayers, read the Quran and the limitations of halal and haram.

Educating family members is mandatory, it is agreed by scholars. While praying is no choice, but to educate the child she has no choice between voluntary or obligatory muakkad Kifaya, even mandatory. Failing students will be responsible in front of God because family is trust God.

Yet more fine again can be equally if a family member to the mosque for prayers, even if not always make the monthly and weekly routine. Especially take them to the mosque for prayers and attending religious lectures.

* Second Opinion: When Muakkad.

This is the opinion of the Hanafi and Maliki. Imam Ibn Abdu'l Barr menisbahkannya to most jurists Iraq, Syria and Hejaz.

His theses;

Ibn Umar, that the Prophet said, which means: Prayer in congregation is praying alone praying in one interval of 27 degrees. (Sahih al-Bukhari, no: 609). Indeed, the greatest reward in prayer is the most distant way, then even further. People who wait until prayer prayer with Imam, the greater the reward of the prayer, then sleep. In the narration of Abu Homani, (mentioned): until he pray with Imam in the congregation. (Sahih Muslim, no: 1064 and Musnad Ahmad, no: 11380).

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