Biography of Hernando Cortes

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From a small noble family, was born Heniando Cortes (1485-1547) in 1485 in Medellin, Spain. What's so special? He is the conqueror of Mexico. In the young conqueror's going to the University of Salamanca in the science of law. At the age of nineteen he left Spain looking for profit fate of the continent west there were recently discovered. Year 1504 he arrived in Hispaniola, he settled there as a farmer and respected "Don Yuan" local size.

In 1511 he participated in the conquest of Spain against Cuba. After this adventure he married the royal governor in law for Cuba, Diego Velasquez and was appointed mayor of Santiago.

In 1518 Ve1asquez choose a captain Cortes expedition to Mexico. The governor, anxious to ambition Cortes immediately canceled his order but the move was too late to stop Cortes. With 11 ships, 110 sailors, 553 soldiers (including with only 13 handguns and 32 bows, 10 heavy guns, four light cannons and 16 horses), Cortes set sail in February 1519.

Hernando Cortes Biography

The expedition landed on Friday at the anniversary of the crucifixion of Jesus on the outskirts of what is now Veracruz. Cortes dwells near the beach for a while, gathering all the information of things Mexican. He may know, the people who ruled the Aztecs Mexico has a large capital is landlocked, has deposits of precious metal expensive, and hated by other Indian tribes under his control.

Cortes who already have a unanimous decision headed inland, moving forward to occupy the Aztec territory. Most of the soldiers gripped by fear of facing such a large number of opponents that must be faced. Seeing who could not benefit it, before moving Cortes expedition that destroyed the fleet of the soldiers had no other choice, advanced or cleared out dead Indian.

Once mengambah inland, Spain faced stiff resistance Tlaxcalan Indian tribes, the Indians were free stand-alone. But after his men were defeated by the Spaniards in a firefight powerful and enduring, people Tlaxcalan decision to join the hated Aztecs Cortes face. Cortes continued movement toward Cholula, homeland of the Aztec ruler Montezuma II, who was getting ready to plan an attack suddenly confront Spain. But because Cortes had got first information about the intentions of the Indians, he Gempur first and perform large-scale slaughter of thousands of people in Cholula. After crushing it he kept to the capital of Tenochtitlan (now Mexico City), and on November 8, 1519 entered and occupied the city without a fight. Montezuma was imprisoned, then maketh doll. From this angle seems to work the conquest was completed thoroughly.

However, another Spanish troops under the command of Panfilo de Narvaez landed with bringing order arrest Cortes. Cortes left most of its troops in Tenochtitlan and led the rest of the army rushed back to shore. There he can tear apart Narvaez troops and persuade the remaining merge with it. However, when he could return to Tenochtitlan, the men who left against the Aztecs is too limit. On July 30, 1520 uprising exploded in Tenochtitlan and defeated the Spanish troops retreated to Tlaxcala weight. However, Cortes could get more troops and in May next he returned pounding Tenochtitlan. Terebut city fell on August 13. Subsequently the Spanish occupation of Mexico Cortes safe though arguably still have to do the cleaning in areas conquered in the surrounding rural areas. Tenochtitlan was rebuilt and given a new nickname "New Mexico" and became the capital of the new Spanish colony.

Considering how small the forces that brought Cortes when start the expedition, conquest of a country with a population of five million truly a feat of extraordinary military victory. The only conquest of the country of which so much is made of Peru Francisco Pizarro. It has become common if people are wondering how and why it could succeed Cortes. Indeed, horses and firearms that had a factor. However, calculated from the amount that is not great is not quite comparable with the results obtained success. (It should be noted, the two previous Spanish expeditions none managed to settle and make a permanent conquest). Of course, leadership is inherent in Cortes, courage and consistency determination is a major cause of success. Another factor that is not less important is the diplomatic finesse. Cortes not only to avoid encouraging the Indians united against him, but he managed to persuade a number of Indians joining him face the Aztecs.

Cortes was also aided by the fairy tale of the Aztec god Quetzalcoatl. According to the Indian tale, this god is the command to remove the Indians in agriculture, mining and government. The great god was a tall, fair-skinned and thick beard. After promising to visit again the Indians, he went through a "sea of ​​east" the Gulf of Mexico. Make it lest Montezuma Cortes was the god of the back and this is clearly reflected in his behavior. By itself, the reaction of the Spanish conquistadors Montezuma faces weak and do not have a firm stance.

The last factor of success is constancy religion Spain. Make raids Cortes we certainly could not a single act of aggression unapologetic. The heinous act without manners. Instead Cortes. He thought and believed what he did was morally justifiable. He may say, and rightly so earnestly did the soldiers to that they would win because they were in the right, and as they struggle under the banner of the Cross. Cortes motivation is sincere and innocent. Not once or twice staked the success of his expedition to the risk of harmful experiments without cost-benefit calculation to convert the Indians.

Although Cortes an ace diplomat when negotiating with the Indians, he did not always succeed in a political struggle with his opponents among Spanish. King of Spain presented him land a wealthy and lifted him so noble but shifted position as the governor of Mexico. Cortes returned to Spain in 1540 and spent the rest of his life seven years filed proposals to the king so that the king deign to restore its position in the "New Spain." This effort was in vain. When Cortes closed near 1547 year old Serville, Spain, he was a millionaire but dogged by various failures. Soil extensive plantations in Mexico passed to his son.

That Cortes got greedy and ambitious nature, is not a secret anymore. An admirer who knew him describe him as a close cruel, arrogant, reckless, mudguard and fond of mischief. But along with that Cortes also has an awesome character: brave, full of certainty, and intelligent. Generally her character fun. Although a firm military leader, he was not vicious for no reason. Unlike the generally hated Pizarro, Cortes associate meetings with the Indians and try to rule them with a policy and not with an iron fist. Cortes-faced handsome and charming, just always so inceran glance of her eyes corner.

Cortes said in his will that he was not really sure whether this one action is justified enslaving the Indians. These questions make it difficult and asks her to be considering this matter carefully. In its time, the attitude kind of way teramatlah rare. People are not going to be able to imagine Fransisco Pizarro (or Christopher Colombus) take care of the problems of this kind. As a result, people had the impression that Cortes was the most civilized of all the conquerors (Conquistador) Spanish.

Cortes and Pizarro was born in the dispute within fifty miles and only at odds of ten years. The success of both of them (which seems to have a family relationship) respectively impressive. Both are essentially conquered the area the size of a continent, and both gaining the language, religion, culture. In almost all areas conquered, its political power to date remains on hold by European descent.

Combined with the influence of Cortes Pizarro slightly bigger than Simon Bolivar. They turned their conquest of political power in South America from the hands of the Indians into the hands of the Europeans. While the conquest of Bolivar was successfully transferred political power from the hands of the Spaniards into the hands of European descent who were born in South America.

I just wanted to put Cortes higher in the order list for this book than Pizarro conquest came first and inspired the Pizarro. Also, perlawann the Indians has not been stopped when Pizarro died while arguably Cortes conquered Mexico completely. But, in my opinion this sort of thing was a bit out of balance with other considerations. Spanish conquest of passion and excess weaponry is definitely good for the threat of Aztec and Inca. Peru, is shielded by mountains had much chance to survive to keep its independence. Courage Pizarro and successful attacks have changed the course of history in the true meaning.

However, the Aztec empire was not as mountainous Peru. And also, the Mexican border (unlike Peru) was in the Atlantic Ocean, as it was easier for the Spanish forces. That is why, it seems the conquest of Mexico by Spain is much more possible and easier. But of course Cortes courage and leadership greatly help accelerate the process of conquest.

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