High Speed car racing Game

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High - speed car racing game High - speed racing being held in dress up games becomes more and more interesting and attracts many people to join in. It is an international racing opened to all of car racers all over the world. This is the place where car racers have opportunity to show their skill and spirit in racing.

Race-track was designed modernly with many obstacles and hard bends to test car racers’ skill and ability and choose one most deserved winner. This year, car racing was held in large – scale and improved more than that in previous years. It attracted not only cars but also other vehicles in racing such as: trucks, road – rollers, and so on. These vehicles was designed with full of colors and styles. The speed of racing cars is also higher, which makes the racing become more interesting.

There are some choices available for racers to choose. Firstly, the racers must choose their vehicle for their racing. Then they must choose their race – track to race in. There are some kinds of Race – tracks in different planets for racers to choose. Each race – track has its own danger and difficulty. Car racers must concentrate to control car to run with the highest speed without crashing into obstacles, diving into the sea or getting lost in the city. Ten faster racers will be chosen to the next stage to choose the most deserved winner. The winner will be the first racer to get the stop and as a result, the winner will take the most valuable award.
After having chosen the car for the race, the racers or players begin their race by using the keyboard to control the movement of the car.

The up arrow key moves the car forward, and the down arrow key moves the car in reverse. The left and right arrow keys move the car to the left and right. The space bar key has different functions in different races. In some races, it is used to put the brakes on the car; in others, it is used to make a U-turn or jump. There may be special objects in the middle of the road that increase the oil in the car. This allows the car to go a farther distance. There are other obstacles on the road which racers should not hit as they may damage their car.

With these information, we hope the race this year will attract more and more racers and able to find out the most deserved winner for the car race. Join with us in dress up games for girls to be the winner.

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