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High tech PR is about establishing a dialogue. Two way communications between a company and various constituents. A well-orchestrated high tech PR program will enable your company to establish connections and remain engaged with your market and customer base. More than being a participant, active participation will position the company as a leader and leaders gain market share, followers, investors and so on. In terms of value, high tech PR has quite a lot to offer.

Maintain share of voice. Tech markets are always changing, and now they're talking more than ever via social media. Word-of-mouth has always been there, but now it's amplified exponentially, and it occurs nearly instantly. You cannot afford to ignore it. High tech PR should help lead brand communications via this new medium as well as through traditional channels, including the media, speaking ops, analyst visits and so forth. High tech PR fosters a dialogue and participating with something valuable can enhance your company's stature and add luster to its brand.

Confront the competition. Not being vocal or visible can create a vacuum that your competitors will happily fill with misinformation about your company or its products. Competition comes in many shapes and sizes, smaller competitors can hurt you with giant-killing PR strategies - if you let them. Through an active high tech PR program you can listen and respond and, perhaps, preempt competitors with your stories.

You are also a media company. Publish or perish! A main strategy for any high tech PR program should be the development and dissemination of valuable content. Effective high tech PR campaigns have always created and spread audience-valued content on behalf of companies or brands. This effort will also position your company as a thought leader within its category.

Companies undertake high tech PR campaigns for many reasons. These include: stimulate demand; generate awareness; attract investors or joint venture partners; and compliance with SEC disclosure regulations. However high tech PR campaigns can cost-effectively accomplish lots more than any other marketing activities.

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