Human Neck Anatomy and Neck Physiology

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The neck in my opinion is one of the more fascinating parts of a living beings body. Some animals like the giraffes have long necks to reach food, while other animals don't have a neck at all. In this article, we will be taking a look at the anatomy of the human neck. Whether you want to refresh your memory or learn the key points of human neck anatomy and physiology, take a look at these bullet points.

These are some facts about the human neck anatomy

Obviously, the neck is what connects our head to our torso, and the upper part of the spine is also located in the neck. The spine consist of 33 smaller bones known as vertebrae, and 7 of these vertebrae are in the neck. The area of the spine that is in the neck is known as the cervical curve.

The hyoid bone is another bone that is located in the neck. This is the only bone that is not attached to any other bone in the human skeleton, and it's located just below the adams apple.

Speaking of the adams apple, the adams apple(scientifically called the laryngeal prominence) is a lump much more prominent in males than in females. The adams apple is made up of thyroid cartilage surrounding the larynx(the voice box). During a males puberty the larynx grows, and thus the adams apple becomes larger.
One of the main functions of the neck is to protect the nerves that are between our brain and the rest of the human body.

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