Ikhlas for Forgiveness

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Ikhlas forgive the mistakes of others is an act that is not easy, especially if the mistakes are intentional to hurt us. But trust the sincerity we forgive those who do wrong to us will make us more calm in this life. Nine years ago I was a young mother who is still learning to control your emotions settle down in life. I was blessed with a daughter. We stayed at one rata2 housing complex inhabited by a young couple who masing2 also have children the same age.

Maybe there are people who always feel richer, more pious, and more intelligent than us. I was the one that could be considered underrated by one of the neighbors. Tahu2 often silent and do not want to say hello, not knowing what I was wrong, and my son always cry when playing and there is a child he is.

Kubesarkan careful to always say hello, give him something to get rid of hatred even though I never knew what made him angry or hate me, prayer is the key strength of my heart, because I know that God never sleeps, God is all-seeing, all-hearing as well.

Sometimes I ask myself could it be because I am among those who can not afford the time, but never mind my bad kukubur all prejudice, because I do not want prasangkaku will backfire to me and my family. I'm only sure of one thing that I still have a God who never left that will always hear doa2 every servant. Time passed, and God answered my prayers. One day he came and apologized to me. Though I know there may still be feeling embarrassed to admit his guilt. I seem to be on the sky so high, I've succumbed to the karana he came to the house and give an apology in front of me.

Originally just hard to forget his kesalahan2 and sikap2 always menyepelekanku especially against my boy. Although until now I never knew what made him so. Is it because he felt more and more in comparison to me, I never asked. And to me it does not need to ask. Kutanggapi apology with a smile, even though in my heart racing feeling frivolous, between yes and no. Since nine years is a short time for us to put up with his behavior to me and my son.

To bring sincerity in me is not easy. Some hard night close your eyes, difficulty in silent prayer. P erasaan gundahku hide from view my husband. Until one day I realized that I had to forgive him benar2 sincere, I felt a new serenity in life. Kuhilangkan feelings are wins over the apology to me. I'm sure if we always sincerely forgive the mistakes of others, we will always find it easy, at least for our inner peace, that is not always covered by revenge.

And one of the most important is the power of prayer and patience is the key to forgive any mistakes keikhalasan

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