Illegal combine two brothers

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ON 29 March, I watched a program on local television while waiting their turn to meet the doctor in a private clinic. Topic of the discussion that I think is very interesting is Fusing Two Brothers. Interesting and surprising, how many people do not know that the act of combining two brothers was illegal.

Perhaps the issue is not an issue as people think it does not happen or likelihood is slim. But it was and remains active, then it should be explained. Referring Sura al-Nisa 'verse 23, other than the two brothers, illegal ruling also integrate with nephew aunt. The point here, if A is married to B, then A married another C, aunt B which is the sister of your mother or father's B B.

In history there bete called: "Do not marry a woman on the wedding of his aunt and not paternal aunt married on the marriage of the daughter of his brother, not a married woman on her maternal aunt marriage, do not marry her maternal aunt in on the marriage of the daughter of his brother. above not married sister marriage married brother and sister do on her sister's wedding. "

Clear not only blends her two sisters illegal, but blends with his aunt nephew of the mother or father is also illegal. This is because polygamy itself if implemented among persons unrelated to raise various disputes and conflicts, then if it is made between two sisters, it will cut off the rope friendship. Messenger of Allah said in the narration of Ibn Hibban: "That if you do that (combining two brothers or aunts and nephews) you have decided ropes love among yourselves." These are restrictions that must have existed because the Prophet knew that polygamy can cause conflict and discord.

From the point of law if the marriage took place

l If a man marry two brothers in a contract girl, both wicked but the marriage was not void. Couples need to be removed and if they are separated before intercourse occurs, then both will not get anything and no waiting period. If there has been sexual intercourse, according to the Hanafi, every person is entitled to dower mithli provided that not more than dowry musamma and both need beriddah.

l If a man married a sister married first and then A, then B, then the terms of the law, the first legal marriage and the second rebel. Second wife does not get any sexual intercourse should not happen. If there has been sexual intercourse then, have to pay dowry dowry mithli not exceed musamma and compulsory second wife beriddah. This is a relationship subhah or ambiguity. Husband can not have sex with his first wife to finish second wife beriddah.

l Keep in mind if a husband divorced his first wife with divorce can see, he can only marry the sister of his former wife after the waiting period, ex-wife. If seen on the above facts, the law as the probability of the existence of this sort of thing happens there. It does exist and it happened. Thus, Islam is very important in keeping treatment and bergaulan although the relationship siblings and in-laws. If incest can occur as brother sister relationship as sibling interactions are not based law, it is not unlikely that a brother-in-law fell in love with the sister of his own wife.

As human passions and weaknesses are whispers of Satan who is always trying to mislead.

What is there to love if all based on lust of error. If polygamy can only happen if there are still women who are willing to seize the happiness of another woman, then combines the two sisters could only happen because of Satan that cause a brother or sister's husband dare seize seize her husband's nephew aunt. It will not only hurt themselves but damaging siblings family relationships. A mother is certainly very difficult to make a choice between her two daughters when both love the same man.

Hopefully my two true stories highlighted in this article can be an example to us all.

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