Impressing the HR With Your Resume

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Already graduated from a Paramedic to RN course and ready to find a new job? Well, the first thing to do is to come up with a resume that will make HR people take notice. With so many resumes and CVs they receive, it is hardly surprising that some resumes get thrown in the bin. Most HR staff simply skims through hundreds of resumes, so as to narrow down their choice of candidates. So, what do you do to make your application get noticed? Here are some useful and helpful tips.

1. Know the skills needed for the position you are applying for

What position do you want to achieve? What skills should you have that are perfect for the position? Once you know the skills needed, make sure that you put them in them your resume. Of course, every single information that you put in your resume should be accurate and honest. So make sure that you only put skills and experiences that you really have.

2. State a career objective

This should be placed below your name and contact details. You need to have a well-developed career objective. State the position you are vying for and your determination to fit the qualifications needed for the job.

3. Write a summary of your qualifications

The summary does not need to be lengthy. HR people do not want to read a long narrative. Make sure that you include your career highlights, number of years of professional experience and unique skills and competencies. You only need to include qualifications that are relevant to the position.

4. If you are a fresh graduate, impress them with your educational background

Highlight the awards and recognitions that you had in nursing school. Remember to state the year you graduated and the course that you took.

5. Impress them with your career highlights and professional experience

Many career experts say that you should not censor you're your list of job experiences, as this will show your complete work history. If you have lapses in your professional experience, HR people would be left wondering what you had been doing during that time.

6. Remember to proofread

Applicants always make the mistake of submitting their applications without proofreading them. There should be no typographical errors in your resume as this will show that you made it haphazardly. Also make sure that dates and punctuations are coherent and accurate.

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