Island brothers

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Because they are old enough, Mina and Lina's mother called them to talk about marriage plans brothers.

"You're old enough. It's time for you to build a home, "his mother said.
"We want to be mated with one condition," said Mina and Lina.
"What condition?"
"Because of our brothers, our husbands should also brother and sister."

The mother knows, it's how they refuse marriage. According to Mina and Lina, marriage makes people lose everything they love: parents, friends, relatives, and even hometown.

Thus, because there was no male siblings who edit and Lina Mina, they never married. Time continues to pass. Mrs. Mina and Lina died of an increasingly older age. After the death of her mother, her siblings lived with their uncle.

One day, a group of pirates kidnapped Lina. Pirate leader wants to marry Lina. Lina refused and struggled mightily.

Kidnapping was known by Mina. Not wanting to separate from her sister, Mina was determined after Lina. With the smaller boats, the boat chase kidnappers Lina Mina. Not ignored the cries of the whole village. Mina continued to pursue until his body no longer visible.

Suddenly the clouds came. Soon the rain came down. Thunder, lightning darting. People rushed to their homes. Waves roll. Swallowing boat kidnappers Lina, Lina swallow, swallow Mina, swallowing everything.

When the situation returns to normal, people are surprised by the two islands that suddenly appeared in the distance. They believe it is the embodiment island Mina and Lina. Both islands were named Sekijang Island Flag and Sekijang sheaths, but most people call this island the brothers.

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