Jack and the Beanstalk

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In a small village, there lived a boy named Jack. She lives at home with his mother. Their lives are very poor, and the treasures they have only an old cow milk production begins to decline. Until one day, she told him to go to the market to sell their only cow's. The money from the sale of these cattle will be used to buy grain and then be planted in the field behind their house.

The next day, he went to the market to sell the cow. On the way up to the market, Jack met a grandfather. Grandparents are then greeted him. "Hey kid, want to carry the cow?" Then Jack replied, "I want to sell these cattle to market Grandpa". After hearing the answer to Jack, the old man then offered to swap his cow with a nut. "Would you swap your cow with these magic beans?" Said the old man. "What, swapping a nut with my cow?" Said Jack pleasantly surprised. "Never insult, yes! This is the magic beans. If you plant it and leave it overnight, then this morning beans will grow up to the sky, said the old man explained. "Then all right," replied Jack.

When he got home, he told me everything to his mother. After hearing the story of Jack, the mother was shocked and angry. "How can you exchange it with a grain cow pea is? How can we live with just a nut?" I was so angry, the mother throws the beans out the window. But what happens the next day? Apparently there is a giant tree that grows to reach the sky. "Well, it is true what the old man, he muttered". Then carefully she immediately climbed the giant tree. "Oh, why was not until well into the end of the tree huh?" Jack said to himself.

Not long after, Jack looked down. He saw houses being very small. Jack finally got to the cloud. There he could see a very big palace. "I was thirsty and hungry, probably in the palace I found the food," he muttered. Arriving at the front door of the castle, he knocked loudly. "Kriek ..." large door was open. When he looked up, appeared a great giantess. "What kid?", She said. "Good morning, I was thirsty and hungry, can I have some food?" Well, you're a polite one. Come! Eating in the course, yes! "She said friendly.

While I was eating, suddenly heard loud footsteps, Duk Duk! It turns out the woman's husband came. He is a giant man-eaters. Quickly she said to Jack. "Son, hurry hide! My husband is coming." "Huaaa .... I'm home. Quickly prepare a meal!" cried the giant. Jack hold your breath in the furnace. The giant suddenly smell humans. Then he peered into the furnace. Quickly she said, "It stinks man we burn today. Never mind calm. This food is ready."

After eating, giant issued a purse containing gold coins stolen, after a long count he felt very tired. Not long after the giant fell asleep, exhausted. Seeing this, he immediately came out of hiding. Before leaving, he took the gold loot the giant as he walked toward the tree sneaking nuts. He continued down the tree nuts and finally got home. "Mom ... look at this gold. Starting now we are so rich." "You can not get this kind of money easily. What are you doing?" Then Jack told all the incident to her mother. "You're very brave Jack What if a giant had come to take it back," she said anxiously. Since getting the gold, each day Jack just relax alone with money stolen. Soon, the money stolen was up. Jack to climb back up the tree nuts, to go to the palace. "Eh you come again. Something wrong?" said the giant's wife. "Good afternoon ma'am. Because I had not eaten from the morning, my stomach was hungry." A good mother was silent, but he still gave him lunch. Suddenly .... Duk Duk Duk! The sound of the giant footsteps. Like the first, Jack again hiding in the furnace.

Once inside his house, the giant ate greedily. After that he put his cock loot on the table and said, "Chicken, remove the golden egg." Then the cock was crowing, "kukuruyuuk ....," he removed a golden egg. The giant was satisfied, he drank sake until she finally fell asleep. "The golden egg? Oh great!" Jack thought. Secretly he caught the chicken and quickly ran back to the house. With gold laying hens, Jack became lazy and likes to relax alone. Because every day that chicken eggs emit more than it should, the chicken was finally dead. He was confused, because their money supplies thinning. He finally decided to go back to the giant palace. And again he was hiding in the stove, when the giant man returned carrying a harp. While drinking sake, the giant said, "O harp, played a beautiful melody." Even miracles happen, harp that plays itself a beautiful melody. Giant began soundly asleep after listening to melodious harp music played it.

As usual, Jack went into effect at the time of sleeping giants. Jack came out of hiding, and went straight to the table where the harp is placed. But when Jack would take the harp, suddenly there was something of a surprise. Harp was shouting loudly, "My lord, there is a thief ...!" Giant awoke. He immediately ran in pursuit of Jack the giant's harp brings it. Giant continues to chase down a tree nut. When they came down, he shouted in a loud voice. "mooom .... Bring me the ax from the shed! Fast! Fast! Great astonishment the mother saw the figure of a giant who come after him, he was shaking so frightened. Soon fell out of the tree, Jack immediately cut down the tree nut with his ax.

With a loud, nut trees collapsed. The giant fell to the ground, and died. My mother was very relieved to see him alive. While mengangis he said: "Jack, you do not ever do such a horrific thing. Matter how poor we work with earnest. With thanks to God, we would both be alive and well." "Forgive me, Mother, from now on I will work sincerely, Jack said to her mother." Since then, he worked diligently every day. Accompanied by harp that plays beautiful melodies that increase morale Jack.

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