King Donkey Ears

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King Zanas ruled arbitrarily. His passion to accumulate as much wealth he earned from the taxpayer. King Zanas besides greed is also a king who was very miserly. People who live miserable not even been thought. Surprisingly it has a despotic king who relish listening to music.

Though wise men say music can smooth feeling. Hence the feeling like it will have a gentle but clever. One hobby is listening to King Zanas hoot flute. Incidentally in the country there is a very clever piper named Tarajan.

King Zanas very indulgent and often Tarajan piper was sent all over the country and even outside the kingdom for the race. Tarajan always the first prize and earned a lucrative prizes. Unfortunately because it is so arrogant and conceited Tarajan. Because Proudly Tarajan claim to beat the god Apollo. A god of the Greeks who are masters of the art of music.

Tarajan Zanas suggested to the King that he competed with Apolo. The proposal was well received even if Tarajan proud king can beat players from the kingdom of heaven's music. Gods Apollo agreed to hear the challenge. It is precisely that God wants to give lessons and King Zanas Tarajan who behave unusual.

"If I lose let me serve the King Zanas life. But suppose I were to win I'm half your kingdom and your people I leave "the god Apollo. King Zanas and Tarajan agree. They are so confident to beat Apolo looked still very young.

On the appointed day the game started. All the people spilling out into the courtyard. While Zeus as ruler of the whole Khayangan come to see no one knew. As a challenger Tarajan welcome flute first. With a smug Tarajan up to the podium and immediately blew the flute. Flute gold clad jewels belonging Tarajan immediately proclaimed song-again a very melodic. Up and down like a wave. Soft as the coastal breeze. Turbulent as the waves crashing rocks.

All who listen like enchanted. So much so toot flute Tarajan. King Zanas laughed out loud and confident once blowing his flute will come out a winner. But the gods Apollo calm. Still as a statue, but she was smiling. A sign was also amazed at the game Tarajan flute. And when after splitting cheering ssorai like space. Tarajan standing hands on hips, looking very smug.

When the turn of the gods Apollo, the god of art that raised his flute to beautiful. Soft as baby cradling the sacred. And when his lips started to blow a song, the sky shimmered between day and night. People who watch lost in the rhythm of the amazingly beautiful. With my eyes closed all dancing gently once. They also sang a song of peace that suddenly only able to sing. People who endlessly was dissolved in songs and rhythms that had never listened to them but very melodic lilting.

Finally god Zeus appeared as a winner Apolo states. And asked King Zanas Seger gave half his kingdom to the people. But the king's miserly menolakk to make Zeus angry. "As long as you do not give the people what you have promised, then the ears will grow every day." Said Zeus.

It's true. Ear King Zanas every day growing up very heavy and made him unable to stand let alone walk. Be it king eared donkey. Finally King Zanas ceded half his kingdom to the people. And the promise is no longer stingy and greedy. Zeuslah gods witness of his words.

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