King of The Stupid

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Once upon a time, there was a king who was dandy and really like wearing new clothes. He spent a lot of time just to look at himself in the mirror, and always wanted to wear new clothes in the morning, noon and night!

One day, there came two con artists posing as a great dress maker. They claim that they are good at weaving and making clothes with a very good quality, to the extent that they used cloth to make clothes not be seen, except by smart people.

When the king heard this, he was very interested. "That's good, I can tell anyone who is stupid and who is smart in this kingdom." He thought. The king immediately dispatched two men to make new clothes for himself, using that special fabric. They were given a room in the palace, along with threads of gold they asked for. Both fraudsters hide threads of gold they receive, and then pretend to be working hard to make a dress.

A few days later, the impatient king sent his minister to see clothes being made it special. When the minister visited the trickster in disguise, he was confused. "I do not see anything here" he thought. But the minister did not want to admit it because they do not want to be stupid. So he praised both deceiver and said that the clothes they make very beautiful. After the minister left the room, the two fraudsters laughed out loud.

Shortly afterwards the king came to see for themselves. He tried to look around the room, but he did not see anything. However, because it does not want to be stupid, the king pretended to see special clothes and said, "This shirt is very beautiful, I can not wait to wear it"

The next day is the day that the King will be wearing his new shirt at the parade around town. The two con artists posing has said goodbye and left the grounds will make clothes for the kings of other kingdoms. Of course, they did not forget to bring the threads of gold which they had hidden, along with gold coins wages making clothes.

When the king wearing his new clothes, he still could not see that shirt, and he felt cold. But because they do not want to say stupid, the king was circling in front of the mirror and admiring her new dress, even though she did not see anything. All the royal officials also said that the new outfit is very beautiful, because they do not want to be stupid.

All the people that the king would have heard a new dress to wear the special day. When the king appeared, everyone was surprised. But they also have heard the news that a special new outfit that can only be seen by smart people only, and because they do not want to be stupid, they cry praising the king.

Suddenly the sound of a child screaming, "but, she does not wear clothes, the emperor naked?" All was silent. The king realized that the little boy was telling the truth, and he hurriedly walked back to the palace.

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