Kiss the Evening and Love Sport

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I love sports and love to stop at them and also love to take part in them. The jogging is the just sport which I stick to do it for some years. There is a hobby and regard it as an enjoyment and not perseverance and willpower. There is nothing to think and nothing to do and only it is free and pleased for us in the course of jogging. The season of spring is the beautiful time and it is not very hot and not very cold and then it is a beautiful time for running.

Someone likes running in the morning, however I like doing exercise at night and it is from seven pm to nine pm. We will not have a good time of morning training. Because there are a lot of things to do for you. Even though your body does exercise and your heart has the other things to do. But you have a little time to do it and you ought not to hold up the things what is called your proper business.

In addition, in the early morning, especially the sun has no appearance in the sky and then it is bad to your body for training. The humidity of the earth's surface is low and the baleful gases cave in the earth. They gather in an agglomeration and they will leave when the humidity is getting higher and higher. Besides the function of green plants in the evening are to have inhalation of oxygen and exhalation of carbon dioxide. After sun rising half an hour, the photosynthesis will have good operation. Let out the oxygen and the air will get well.

While at night, the sun is shining all the day and ultraviolet rays has enough time to shine. We have nothing to do in a hurry and we do things we ought to do, moreover we are not able to do now and just to wait for tomorrow to do it. Relax yourself and have nothing in your heart to do.
We have lots of time and we could go on every thing only you feel like doing. There is no matter of time is long or short and we will not delay anyone to do something and after we are able have a entire relaxation.

After dinner is the best time and then the women would like to lose weight particularly and then it will the much better time for them. There is no need to worry about the digestion of food that we eat in day. You have quite a few things of one day to do and then you will free only when you finish dinner. Most people often do a rich dinner and it is very easy to gain weight.

You might as well jog for a little time, in this way you can have a strong body and a good figure. You also could treat it as an enjoyment and why not try it.

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