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The continuous process of development can be seen in each and every part of the world in present days. This can be considered as a good symptom. Inventions of new things are very essential for the mankind to develop. Those days are done when people used to do everything manually. It is an era of digitalization. Thus digital story board can be regarded as a major invent to help human being. Digital Story boards can extensively be used for corporate presentation, documentation, class room presentation and most importantly in film making. Those who want to start their career as an artist of it should posses a clear idea regarding story board. Proper knowledge can help them to build up their career. Moreover they should be aware of the challenges that they are going to face in this field and what are scopes in this line. 

Clients are more searching for digital story board makers rather going for tradition story board builders. A digital artist looks much more specialized and this gives them an extra mileage. To start with, one should have proper knowledge, strategies and must be equipped with proper equipments. This can really make you more professional and competitive. May be a tradition story board make is highly experienced and very fast in doing his work, yet it is very much difficult for him to compete with digital makers. Technologies which are being used in digital story board making are really fast and they are preloaded with images, texts, various applications and angles. This thing has made it very easy for an artist to present his thinking to others. Suppose you are giving a presentation to a client and he ask for certain changes, you can do that by simply clicking some undo button and others, whereas for a traditional maker he has to change the whole frame.

As per as looking is concerned digital storyboards are much more refined than the traditional ones. Circles, rectangles, artworks and texts are much more appropriate and look clean thus they are more happily accepted by the clients. Digital story boards can saved very easily in computers as jpg format or PDF and can be transferred from one place to other with the help of mails or USB devises. Digitalization process also helps to rectify any problem that had happened during the process of development. All this factors gives an extra advantage to digital story board artists over the tradition ones.

There are disadvantages too associated with digital story board making. Digital technology is includes the usage of hardware and software and they are venerable to crashes. Thus it is very necessary for a storyboard artist to have proper backups of those things with him. Digital things like laptops and palmtops which are being used can be very costly also. Moreover there are continuous progress with new software and latest strategies, so maintain the pace one has to upgrade himself accordingly. But if all this things can be overcome then you can have a great future as digital story board artist.

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