Learning From Delinquency Child

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Thomas Armstrong, Multiple Intelligences expert, said there are two simple ways that we can use to identify the types of children's intelligence. Opinions Thomas Armstrong is intended for teachers, but we can also apply outside the classroom. Image One good way to recognize the growing intelligence of the children is to examine the "mischief" they are in the classroom. Delinquency is a "call for rebellion" against a particular learning style imposed. Because children were considered learning styles are not applied to him in accordance with their natural learning style, they cry out for help. And the way children express request for help it is to do things that are considered adults as delinquency.

If observed, it turns juvenile delinquents were different expression. Children who have linguistic intelligence is usually often make remarks and jokes words. Children who have spatial intelligence would scribble. Children who have interpersonal intelligence would chat with her friends. While the children are having KINESTHETIC-kinesthetic intelligence can not sit still and kept playing chase with her friend.

Another simple observation indicator and can be used is to observe the way children use their spare time. At the time of the child schedule is not set externally by others, children may appear natural and candid. They are free to choose what activities they like. Therefore, their activities show how they learn (learning styles) and other types of intelligence that stands out to them.

Of course, this observation is very simple. This simple but we can apply at home to children in the home. Although we are not psychologists, at least, we can learn to get to know our children. Thus, we can more effectively while facilitating the growth and development of our children.

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