Life Changing Courage

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"Tears will not erase your sorrow; hope does not make you successful; courage will get you there."
- Tears will not erase your grief; hope it will not make you successful, only courage that can take you there. Johni Pangalila

Every day we have a favorable opportunity, whether in small or large scale. If we are brave enough, then those opportunities will be great luck. Because courage will lead to significant action.

Courage is an attitude to do something with not too worried about the bad possibilities. Aristotle said, "The conquering of fear is the beginning of wisdom. The ability to conquer fear is the beginning of wisdom. " That is, people who have the courage to act wisely without a shadow of fears is actually a hallucination. People who have the courage will be able to turn your dreams and change your life both personal and people around him.

Several centuries ago, Virgil said, "Fortune favors the bold. - Luck like courage. "Let us learn from the sports figures who have an international achievement, namely Carl Lewis, Michael Jordan, Marilyn King and others. They have a high courage to dismiss any concerns about limitations in themselves. That's why they are able to excel in the field of sports and has appeared as a character figure. We also have an equal opportunity in the same field or in other fields, such as in the arts, politics, business, science, philosophy, and so forth. But if we already have enough courage seize opportunities that come every day and turn it into a live performance?

Only we are capable of measuring whether we are large enough courage? Marilyn King said that courage largely influenced by three things, namely vision (vision), action (action), and passion (passion). Thirdly it is able to cope with anxiety, fear, and allows us to achieve dreams.

Based on the vision or goals we want to achieve, the most important thing is we have to make progress. According to Vince Lombardi, the famous football coach in the world, efforts will make progress in a gradual manner. The change makes us dare to make greater progress. Because of Anthony J. D'Angelo insists, "Do not fear change, embrace it. - Never be afraid of change, but embrace it closely. "So clear vision, the courage to be a significant effect.

Meanwhile, an opportunity comes sometimes in unpredictable ways. Samuel Johnson said, "Whatever enlarges hope will also Exalt courage. - Anything that can increase the expectation, it will also increase courage. "Means that the work action to change the odds will increase hope and courage to think the best possibility or risk of failure though. If you already know exactly what we want and are taking action, then it will increase the courage to never give up before you actually succeed.

The third factor affecting the level of courage is a passion (passion). Maybe we would if ragawan inspired a spirit of Carl Lewis. He was not worried or afraid of losing the game because he had high spirits. The spirit of Carl Lewis courage pumping through various difficulties, so he earned 22 gold medals are: 9 of the Olympics / Games, eight of the World Championship, 2 of the Pan-American Games.

His father was the most meritorious bravery behind it. His father is a man who never tired of giving a boost of motivation. So when his father died in 1987 due to cancer disease, Carl Lewis buried a gold medal from the 100 m race of the most favored of his father. He promised to get back the medal. The spirit of Carl Lewis enhance keberaniaannya penetrate obstacles, until he again managed to collect 9 gold medals a few years later.

Carl Lewis is one example of a successful person. He had a high courage to do something that can not or will not ever be done by people who are mediocre. They consistently make progress continuously. Ekhorutomwen E.Atekha explained, "All you need to keep moving is your ability to keep being courageous. - Everything that moves you is the ability to stimulate courage. "They always have a high courage to change lives because they have a vision, take action and have a remarkable spirit. *

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