Losers and Disappointed

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In a history, SAW Rosululloh first ever podium when he climbed the stairs, his first on the stairs saying "Amen", the second rung he also say "Amen", and he was on the stairs ketga also say the word "Amen." After completion of the sermon, a friend asked him why he was saying Amen three times during the pulpit stairs. Turns out there are three reasons why he did say three words ... Amin:

1. In the first Amin, said Rosululloh: Gabriel said it would be disappointed to lose and someone who heard of Muhammad but he did not bersholat on him.

Rosululloh greatly loved his people as did we as his followers shall love beliau.Dan one manifestation of our love for the Prophet Muhammad is bersholawat on him.

2. In the second Amin, said Rosululloh: Gabriel said it would be lost and upset a child who had gathered with their parents but not mendapatkaan haven of keberkumpulannya with these Tunya.

Lots of commands that tell us as children to devote to the tua.Bahkan no special prayers for both parents kita.Di Quran ever we talk "Ah" to parents prohibited.

As long as our parents are still alive let us worship and obedience to our parents for not disobey Allah SWT. And if our parents had died mai we ask them for forgiveness of Allah, through the prayers of a pious child to his parents is a charity for the elderly.

3. And on the third Amin, said Rosululloh: Gabriel brkata would be lost and disappointed man out of the holy month of Ramadan but tdak received forgiveness from Allah SWT.

Holy month of Ramadan is a blessed Rohmat bulanpenuh and forgiveness of Alloh.Jika an exit in Ramadan but he returned kehabitat before, often adulterous again, rarely returning to the mosque, or often do things which Allah prohibited, how meruginya person.

May we include those who are lucky the world and hereafter.

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