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1. This article marketing strategy is for the primary purpose of building back links. If these articles send me traffic, great – if they rank well, also great….but those are all bonuses. I want back links that help MY sites and web pages rank better in Google. That is the primary goal of this strategy. If you are interested in doing article marketing to directly make money, read my free e-course, The DAM Way.

2. I will be talking about spinning articles. Do NOT freak out and think this is complicated, hard, or time consuming. The way I do this is NOT any of those things. I like things simple, remember? Why work harder than you need to? Also, I am NOT going to even HINT at mass-submitting tons of spun crap onto the internet. If you’ve wandered the internet at all, you know exactly what I am talking about. These articles all read well and add value to the sites they are placed on.

3. I am NOT talking about submitting the SAME article all over the internet. I don’t believe in doing this – I also don’t believe in the “one massive blast of the same article and done” concept. I like a steady and LONG TERM drip of back links going to my sites and I like them to come from articles I am proud to have on the internet. If the “one big blast of the same article everywhere” technique works for you – Great! I’m not a fan…and in the time it takes to do that, I can do my strategy which I feel works better for all involved.

4. I LOVE “Set and Forget” Strategies. This IS a “set and forget” article marketing process. After step one is done, you can do all the other steps in an hour or so….and then you don’t touch it for at least 4 months. BUT, this strategy WILL continue to drip links back to your content the entire time. THAT is what I like… a steady stream of backlinks being built and found – and I don’t have to do anything!
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