Million Benefits of Tea For Beauty

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As an Indonesian, tea is a beverage that almost certainly exist around the kitchen in the archipelago. The aroma and flavor of the tea is very typical that supposedly can bring warmth and joy to anyone who drank it. Tea itself has many variants, ranging from green tea, black tea, white tea and even that is now popular roselle tea. Whatever type of tea, tea has many benefits have trusted either. One is the benefits of tea to the face.

Various variants of tea has its own advantages, such as a cup of tea rosella. Mineral content were taken from the dried petals Rosella is able to keep us young. Anyone who regularly drank the wrinkles and wrinkles will be far away from him.

Then there are types of white tea, benefits of tea to the face given by the type of tea that one is very special. Tea because tea is quite rare and quite expensive. White tea is actually the tea leaves are not experiencing the drying process through tools such as green tea or black tea, the left in the open air, it will quickly dry up. In addition, white tea is made from a very young shoots that low levels of caffeine so it is relatively safe to eat.

Although expensive, the benefits of tea to the face obtained if regular consumption of white tea is extraordinary. White tea is able to keep your face and body protected from free radicals. In addition, antioxidants and polyphenols that high compared to other teas, white tea a very good anti aging. White tea is also believed to be an efficacious natural bleach, so many facial products circulating in the market-based white tea. But of course the product can not match the natural properties of white tea given original unprocessed chemical process.

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