Overcoming Low Self Sense

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Feelings of low self-esteem could kill us. Certainly not in the sense of physical killing, but killing personal character. Kill People with low self-motivation tended to withdraw from the environment. If mingling with others, he positioned himself in the corner that was barely visible. Low self-esteem people do not dare to show 'who he is' and 'what to do' better than anyone else. Is not this such a death? Yes, the death of one's self worth.

The nature of low self-esteem is like a rusty faucet. He is very difficult to open, so the water can not flow smoothly. There are so many supplies water tanks on the roof, but could not get out because the flow is blocked by a clogged faucet. There is so much inventory that we have potential, but locked by inhibiting feelings of inferiority. For those of you who are interested in learning to overcome low self-esteem, I invite you to begin by applying 5 Natural Intelligence following capabilities:

1. Appreciate yourself

The main cause of feelings of inferiority is not the way others treat us, but how we reward ourselves. If you own reward yourself well, others will not be able to overthrow your mental; though they were trying to humiliate you. But as good as any others treat you, if you own look down on yourself then you are still going to be personal inferiority. In order to overcome low self-esteem we must start with how to reward yourself appropriately first.

2. Taking control of your life.

Let's consider again the people around us. There are people who are not as pretty or handsome face us. His education was not as high as ours. His appearance was not sebonafid us. But they are so confident. They ignored the scorn of others. They do not care about the view that an understatement. As a result, they can work as much as possible, and produce high achievement. Whether you can find people like that? They have proven that the wheel of life is in control, not determined by the judgment of others above himself. By taking control of your life, they concentrate their efforts. Although initially heavy, but at the end of the line they get high appreciation. Even from those who previously dismissed.

3. Offset the shortfall with excess themselves.

Mistaken if we think of others more fortunate than ourselves. In fact, everyone has flaws and advantages of each. People who lower themselves are those who lack self-trapped in the zone while allowing their potential wasted. Conversely, those who succeed are not those who do not have a shortage, but that is always focused on efforts to optimize its advantages. They realized his shortcomings, but to offset that with excess himself.

4. Develop yourself endlessly. On top of the mountain is a mountain.

Even if you are a confident person, may feel inferior when dealing with others who are higher level than you. A manager may feel more superior in front of his staff. However, when dealing with the directors? Trembling, too, is not it? It can be overcome with effort to develop themselves continuously. In fact, people have more respect for the ability of a person than he assumed office. Despite the higher your position, if you are not worth the actual capacity, while others will underestimate you. However, even if your normal position, if you can demonstrate the capacity of self-esteem, people still respect you.

5. Berkontrisbusi to others.

Facts show if anyone really likes the people who contributed. When one is able to contribute, he immediately respected without being asked; how much money you have? Someone who contribute honored without question whether sharp or flat nose, if he an official or people. If our lives are plagued by low self-esteem, it's probably because we have not contributed. Contribute to others, then you will be respected. Then with the honor you get it, low self-esteem will go away by itself.

Every human being are equal. The difference is, whether he can benefit or not. Master of my life even teach that: "The best kind of man is he the most benefit to others." How proud we are when it could benefit. It's not about pride before his fellow men, but pride before God. Because of the benefits that we scatter, we take shows; how God was pleased to spread kindness.

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