Palace of Flowers

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Once upon a time, there lived a cruel king and queen. Both pleasure-loving and oppress the poor. King and Queen's son and daughter have a good heart. Their properties are very different from their parents. Prince and Princess Aji Lesmana Rauna always help people in distress. Both like to help people who need help.

One day, Prince Aji Lesmana angry at her mother's father, "Father and Mother evil. Why trouble the poor?"
The King and Queen are very angry at the words of their son.
"Do not set the parent! Because you have done wrong, I will punish you. Gone from the palace!" expel the King.
Prince Aji Lesmana not surprised. Precisely Princess Rauna a jolt, then cry bundamya father pleaded, "Do not, kicked sister? If the sister had to go, I was going!"

King and Queen was furious. They let Princess Rauna went after her brother. They wander. Disguised as ordinary people. Change the name to Kusmantoro and Kusmantari. They also look for teachers to obtain knowledge. They want to use that knowledge to bring their parents.

Both came to a hut. The house was inhabited by an old man who is very old. Grandfather magic that used to be their grandfather teacher. They tried to knock on the door.
"Come in, young man, 'said the frail grandparents know that they are grandchildren former student. But the old man deliberately pretended not to know. Kusmantoro expressed intention, "We, the orphaned sisters. Panembahan We wanted to sit on."

Grandpa's magic named Panembahan Manraba smiled Kusmantoro lie. But because of his policies, Panembahan Manraba received both a student.
Panembahan Manraba lower spiritual sciences and kanuragan on Kusmantoro and Kusmantari. Both turned out to be quite talented. They quickly mastered the sciences are taught. For months they trained teacher was wise and powerful.

One night Panembahan call them. "My son, Kusmantoro and Kusmantari. Enough for a while you sit here. Sciences others will give after you carry out a practice."
"Practice what it is, Panembahan?" asked Kusmantari.
"Tomorrow morning, jasmine petals petiklah two huts right next to it. Then journeyed to the palace in the west village. Provide two jasmine flowers to Prince and Princess Aji Lesmana Rauna. They wanted to alert the king and queen, two men their parents. "

Kusmantoro and Kusmantari surprised. But their shock recorded meetings. They do not want to disguise them open.
"Two jasmine petals was efficacious awaken the King and Queen of their bad deeds. But the condition, two jasmine petals were only efficacious when accompanied honesty to myself," message Panembahan Manraba.

When bedtime, Kusmantoro and Kusmantari restless. Both thought Panembahan message. Do they have to come clean when they were Prince and Princess Aji Lesmana Rauna? If it does not come clean, then they are lying, dishonest. Though jasmine petals only efficacious when coupled with honesty.

Finally, early in the morning they were facing Panembahan.
"We both apologized, Panembahan. Guilty because we are not honest with Panembahan over the years."
I understand, My children. I know you two are the Prince and Princess Aji Lesmana Rauna. Go home. Your mother's father waited at the palace. "

After the excuses and blessing, the Prince and Princess Aji Lesmana Rauna headed for the palace. Arriving at the palace, apparently their mother's father was ill. They immediately hugged both of their parents were lying weak.

Rauna princess jasmine petals and mix two Panembahan administration. Then given to their mother's father. Magical! Instantly healed the King and Queen. Their nature changed. Prince and Princess Rauna very happy. They asked jasmine magic seeds on Panembahan. And plant it in their garden. So that their palace known as the Palace of Flowers. Palace filled with tenderness and joy.

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