Parents' Best In The World

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Initially I envy you guys. I'm jealous of all the children in the world are thinking about parents who menyangi children and always have time for his family. View of the father could talk it would be cool. Or can confide in the mother also definitely more comforting than vent to a friend.

But not with my parents. Yes, my parents. They are super busy man. My mom every morning to go teach other children like me, and go home in the afternoon. And at night he used to do his job duties as a teacher, check assignments and replicates them. And the rest of his spare time he used to stretch his muscles.

Does not he remember with the young and need more attention? I'm a teenager unstable man, fell slightly in touch directly. I need a women who can listen to all the stories and complained kesahku. And the more painful for me was when I saw my mother was teaching children like me, he looks so attentive to children's. But not me. Yeah, not me.

Moreover, my father, he is busier than my mother. She sometimes went home in the early morning and evening. Or sometimes came home late afternoon or during the day, or ... ah never mind I write daily schedule would not be my dad because I did not understand the schedule is not necessarily that of my father. Given his work as one of the authorized person of the company and does not have a binding, and considering the important role in the making should always make time for people. Then the rest of his free time in the house he used to finish some work. So he just sits at home in front of his black laptop or sleep to stretch his muscles. When I tried to talk to her, yes, just say "hmm" and then a few moments of silence, and then said "just said what? 'And busy typing and manatap laptop screen.

Dude, I'm telling you sakali again, I'm a teenager unstable. I need a man who can make me laugh and forget the pile and pr duties of school for a while.

Yes, I envy you guys. Until one day when a moment I was going to change my status. From adolescence into adulthood. In accordance with Law of the Republic Indonesis. Think about how old I am now? Yap. 16 years old man.

At that time, when I was 16 years old. I talked to my mom and dad. This time we look at each other's face, I talked a lot of things on them. I ask all the questions that always kupendam far. It feels good man. That feels very nice to be able to chat with my father and mother, but, although I was glad when I saw my mother and father's face carefully. Do you know the man? Their eyes are no longer bright as ever, his eyes tired, their skin is no longer fresh, is now starting to grow wrinkles wrinkles on the side of right and left eye.

O God, when I think ... if it's exhausted face me? Yes my friend, all for me. Every day they fought for me, fought for me to school and saving for college money. And because I did not realize all of that, I let my dad take with my grade school report cards were unsatisfactory. But what he said man? "Never mind what the boy, still next semester, learn diligent yes" yes, that's what he said. He always motivated me.

So I'm hoping to make it appropriate to laugh by them? Pantaskah tiring day today I stuffed them with the story of a boring story? I should have made them happy and make them laugh. Yes, I should think more mature. Father, mother, I'm sorry.

And in that instant buddy, I do not think that I'm jealous of you, but I'm proud that I had the best parents in the world.

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