Pharmaceutical Social Media and Branding

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Of course, social media has become an integral part of our lives. On a daily basis, one checks their Facebook, Twitter, Blogger and/or LinkedIn accounts. And these accounts might include links to websites and YouTube. And from there they might be lead back to Twitter and then to a blog. The point being that engaging in social media has become an integral process and, of course, an important strategy in the development of pharmaceutical social media programs.

It is increasingly important to not only have a presence on these social media platforms, but to be branded among all of them. More and more pharma companies and organizations are utilizing pharmaceutical social media in order to reach their audiences that use social media platforms. Pharmaceutical social media can take advantage of branding among all platforms of social media to strengthen their social media presence. 

Pharmaceutical social media has become a foundational platform in the battle for brand awareness. By branding across all social media venues, healthcare social media tactics can increase the visibility and awareness of your organization, company or products.

In deploying pharmaceutical social media programs, it may also be viable for pharma companies and organizations to have multiple social media platform accounts. For example, your organization might have one twitter account for company generated news and another twitter account specifically for customer service. Likewise, each individual sector of your healthcare organization might have an individual twitter account. Through doing this, you can successfully direct your audience to the information that they want to receive.

To efficiently run your pharmaceutical social media program, it is important to identify what the most relevant information is to your audience. When someone comes to the Facebook page, what are they looking for? How is this different when they go to your Twitter page? Or when they look at your CEO's LinkedIn profile? Establish what your audience is seeking and then provide the information in a user friendly way. Then create a seamless brand over all social media platforms.

Moving from the YouTube channel to the blog to the Facebook page should flow smoothly and be effortless. There should be design elements that unify each and every platform. And it should be clear that each platform was customized and designed with the user in mind. It is also vital that each platform link to each other. It is not necessary to create these functions or new social media platforms as most social media platforms already have built in ways to make this easy. 

Pharmaceutical social media is about engagement; however, it should also be about brand-building.

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