Playing with a unique google gravity

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One of the main unique addition to the google search engine the best search engine at the moment is having a lot of uniqueness. One of the uniqueness is Google gravity. Google Gravity is a site designed specifically where on the page are all components of a google search, ranging from text box for typing in keywords, the search button, google logo (doodle google) and other components of balance, so all kompunentersebut will be attracted to the bottom browser,

Some uniqueness google gravity

1. Google composition of floating and terspisah one another, each of these components tend to gravitate to the bottom of the browser, as if affected by gravity component that is in the bottom of the browser.

2. You can play the game, click on one of the main components, eg google logo logo lift to the top of the browser and then hempaskan down, then look the other object that collided with the google logo will bounce and move scattered.

3. Type a keyword into the google text box then press the enter key or click the Google search button may still perform its function to perform a web search based on the keywords you type

To try playing around with google gravity please use the following link: google gravity

Google look like the above is not caused by a virus, but is caused by the addition of a special script that makes components lose google static equilibrium. Please right click and then view the source code browser, then compare it to the source code or

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