Princess Sleep

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Once upon a time, there was a pair of king and queen were happy, because after many years, finally the queen gave birth to a daughter.

King and Queen invited seven fairy princess to come and bless the newly born.

In the magnificent event held in honor of the fairies, each fairy gives thanks to the Princess.

The first fairy said "You will be the prettiest princess in the world." Peri second says "You'll be a jolly daughter." Third fairy said "You will always get a lot of love." Peri fourth said "You will be able to dance very gracefully . 'fifth Pixie said: "You will be able to sing with a very melodic."

Peri sixth said "You would be very smart to play an instrument."

Tiba2 old elf came into the middle of the show. He was very angry because not invited. Everyone has long had never seen the old fairy, and thought that he was dead or gone from the kingdom.

Angry old fairy approached the Princess and the curse "would finger pricked spinning and you will die!" And then the old fairy disappeared.

Everyone was shocked. Queen began to cry.

Peri seventh approached the Princess and gave his blessing "I can not undo the curse, but I can give you my blessing that Princess will not die because of a spinning needle, but only fell asleep for a hundred years. After a hundred years, a handsome prince would come to wake him up. "

King and Queen felt a bit relieved to hear that. They then issued new regulations that in the kingdom there should not be any loom. They confiscated and destroyed all the existing loom in the kingdom for the sake of salvation the Princess. On a day when 18-year-old daughter, the King and Queen went throughout the day.

Because loneliness, the Princess walking around exploring the palace and came to a loft. There he met an old woman who was using a spinning loom. Having never seen loom, the Princess was very interested and wanted to try.

The old lady was actually wicked old fairy who had cursed him. When her daughter tried loom, he had deliberately spun needle into the hand of the Princess.

The daughter fell unconscious and fell asleep because of a curse. Wicked old fairy laughed in delight and disappeared into the darkness.

When the King and Queen returned, they and all the royal officials frantically looking for the Princess. When they found him, the king realized that the old fairy evil curse has come true. The daughter then taken to his room and laid on her bed. The king then sent word about the incident to the seventh fairy kind.

Seventh fairy kind and hurried to the palace. He decided to euthanize all the people in the kingdom that later when the curse of the Princess ends they will all wake up together.

In a short time the large trees and dense shrubs and thorny grown throughout the empire, making it very difficult for anyone to break through. Even the tops of the palace is only visible edges. Due to being very closed, the Princess and the whole kingdom to be safe, even though they were all asleep.

After a period of one hundred years end, a handsome prince who happened to be hunting near the empire saw the tops of the palace. He had heard many stories about the kingdom, among other things that are considered haunted castles, magicians, and other stories are very creepy that's actually not true.

Out of curiosity, when returning from hunting the prince looking for the parents of the most thoughtful and intelligent in the kingdom to inquire about the neighboring kingdom full of mystery.

Wise parents were then told that according to his ancestors, in the royal palace in the mystery lies a most beautiful daughter in the world, who fell asleep because of a curse from old fairy evil. The Princess will continue to sleep until there was a prince who came to wake him.

A brave handsome prince and hurried off to the mysterious kingdom. He intends to save the Princess. The Prince fought through bushes and trees to reach into areas that mysterious kingdom.

When he got there, he saw a lot of people and pets are lying everywhere. But they do not die, they just seem to sleep very soundly. Prince and into the palace. There he saw the entire royal officials who had fallen asleep.

After a walk to explore the palace, the prince managed to find her daughter in a room. The Prince was blown away by the beauty of the Princess. Prince was kneeling and holding the hand of the Princess. That's when the curse ended and the Princess opened her eyes. He welcomed the prince long he had been waiting to be happy.

At the same time all the inhabitants of the royal palace and all woke up. Shrubs and trees disappeared. Everyone went back about their business each. The king and queen also awoke and immediately welcomed the prince of the neighboring kingdom.

Shortly thereafter, the Princess and married the handsome prince. They then live happily forever.

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