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In Chinese history for kids, kids will be learning about the Qin Dynasty. The Qin Dynasty was between 207 B.C. and 221 B.C. The emperors of this time were Ying Zheng, Fushi and Zi Ying. During this period, many ruthless things happened. The kings at the beginning of this period were either banished or put to death. The kings' books were burned to make sure that nobody could use them. The expansionism of Qin was helped by the military by pushing out the frontiers of both the north and south.

In Chinese history for kids, kids will also learn that during the Qin Dynasty is when the Great Wall's construction began. It was created to block off barbarians intrusions. The Great Wall was a great protector during this period in history.

The Great Wall is not actually a single wall; it is actually four different walls. The Great Wall was created by connecting the walls that different states built, which created the 3,107 miles of the Great Wall. The Great Wall was either added onto or rebuilt from the various dynasties over different periods. The periods that added onto the Great Wall or rebuilt the Wall were the Western Han (206 B.C. - 220 B.C.) Sui (581 - 907) Jin (220 A.D. - 589 A.D.) and Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644). The Great Wall reaches between the northeastern parts of the Heilongjiang Province to the northwestern parts of Gasui.

When Qin Shi Huang died, Zhao Gao Hu Hai and Ji Shi killed Qin Shi Huang's oldest son. After that act, they turned and let Hui Hai become emperor. He did not have any type of prevention from the rebels of his opposition.

The reason why the Qin Dynasty was going down was the cruel laws, inhumane treatment and high taxation of the peasants. Even though Qin had a strong army with strict laws, it could not stand up to the peasants becoming rebellious towards them. The peasants fought against the government under Qin's power. They fought against the government by using agricultural tools that they turned into weapons. With these weapons, the peasants broke the cloth that was the flag from Qin's power.

The Chinese culture for kids was created by the Chinese history for kids that they will be learning. There are so many actions that happened in Chinese history for kids to learn about that they will benefit from its teachings for the rest of their lives. They will also be able to place the actions from what happened in history into their own lives.

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