Racing Facts of Formula 1

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What is Formula 1?

Bet you did not know that Formula 1 is officially known as FIA or Formula One World Championship and it is the highest category of Single-Seated Auto Racing approved by the FIA. The ‘formula’ in the Formula 1 notifies the practice of rules, which all the participating cars must conform to.

Facts about Formula 1 Racing

Formula 1 racing cars are known to be the fastest cars in circuit racing and they can achieve extremely high speeds because of the generation of aerodynamic down force. The Formula 1 cars are specially designed and go through rigorous tests and are known to achieve high reach speeds of 220mph, which translates to 360km/h. It is an exhilarating sport for both the drivers and the viewers.

Formula 1 is a series of races, also referred to as the Grand Prix, which are held annually on circuits and public roads in different countries. The winner of Formula 1 is decided by adding the results of each race in the Grand Prix and two Annual World Champions are announced each year. One of the championships is awarded to the best racing driver and the other is awarded to the constructors, without whom the races cannot be possible. To be able to participate in Formula 1 the racing drivers and the team, must be in possession of a valid ‘Super License’, which is the highest category of racing license issued by FIA. This license is mandatory for participation and not easy to earn.

Formula 1 Changing with the Times

Europe has been the mainstay, for Formula 1 racing, and most of the racing teams that participate in Formula 1 are based there, and almost 50% of the Grand Prix races conducted every year are held within the continent. However, with teams from different nations participating in these prestigious races the venue of the races has also started to move out of Europe. An increasing number of Grand Prix races are now held outside of Europe. The main reason for this is the sport getting worldwide recognition and the sponsors. Many big names are now sponsoring the Grand Prix, and they want to take the event to a global audience, and hence the change of locales. Formula 1 race attracts a lot of media attention and the races are aired live to viewers all over the world. It is estimated that an audience of over 525 million views the Formula 1 championships.

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